How To Sight Cast For Black Drum Using Artificial Lures

Want to discover the best tips to consistently sight catch black drum on the flats? Then watch this video where Tony reveals his black drum secrets.
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Exploration Trip To Snead Island Near Bradenton, FL

This post shows the pre-trip planning and associated results from an exploration trip to Snead Island which is near Bradenton, FL.
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North Mosquito Lagoon Trip – Riverbreeze Park (June-17)

I explored a new area on Mosquito Lagoon and saw a good amount of redfish and hooked into a nice sized trout. Got chased in by some big storms.
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How To Find More Inshore Fishing Spots Anywhere In Florida

Want to know the tricks to finding the best inshore fishing spots anywhere in the state of Florida (or anywhere for that matter)? Then watch this webinar.
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Live Bait vs Artificial? Why Neither Matter If You Know This…

What's best? Live bait or artificial lures? Well, turns out that it's NEITHER of them if you know this one thing that makes finding fish so much easier.
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Banana River No Motor Zone Fishing Report [June 2017]

Tony Acevedo revisited a previous Insider Report location and was able to catch multiple species on this trip - Black Drum, Redfish, Snook, and Tarpon.
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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Tides & Currents

Many anglers struggle to understand how tides and currents relate to one another, and that causes them to miss out on some great fish catching.
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How To Quickly Assess An Area For Having Feeding Fish

Discover the fastest and easiest strategy for quickly assessing if an area you're in is likely to hold feeding fish or not.
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How To Best Store Live Bait While Kayak Or Shore Fishing [VIDEO]

Do you want to see the pros and cons on some of the best ways to store live bait while kayak fishing or shore fishing? Then watch this new video.
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Mosquito Lagoon Exploration Trip Via Kayak (June -17)

Tony explored a new spot he hasn't fished before on Mosquito Lagoon and was able to get on some nice redfish, along with catching one the "lazy way".
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Lure Testing Trip: Rapala Twitching Minnow vs. Exude Soft Plastic

Check out this latest inshore fishing trip where I compare the Rapala Twitching Minnow vs the Exude soft plastic lure (and my dog attacks a redfish)
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Best Way To Hook Pass Crabs For Catching Tarpon And Permit

Want to see the best way to hook a pass crab for more tarpon and permit hookups? Then watch this latest tip from Chasten Whitfield on crab rigging.
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Tricks For Using Online Maps In Areas With Murky Water To Locate Good Fishing Spots

Although the map reading isn't as precise in murky water compared to clear water where you can see exactly what's on the bottom, there still is a wealth of
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Ft. Pierce Insider Report: Hutchinson Island (May-17)

Tony Acevedo took a trip down to Ft. Pierce, FL and fished around Hutchinson Island. He was able to catch some snook, reds, flounder, and lost a huge trout.
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How To Make Your Own Spinnerbait To Catch Redfish [VIDEO]

Do you want to see how you can make your very own spinnerbaits to catch nice redfish? Then check out Tony's latest tip on making spinnerbaits for reds.
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