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Best Fishing Line For Kids [Braid vs. Mono vs. Fluoro]

Selecting the right fishing line for kids is a very important topic that often gets overlooked.

Because different lines have different uses, and having the wrong kind of line and/or the wrong size could almost ensure that the big fish of the day doesn’t get caught because it saw the line and didn’t eat or it easily bit through it to get away after hooked.

And the reason using the proper line is especially important when fishing for saltwater fish is because most species have sharp teeth and there often are sharp objects like barnacles on the ground and/or nearby pilings that can easily slice light line…

So it’s essential to know how to properly construct your leaders so that you can get enough line strength where it’s needed most while still allowing for the benefits of using light line for casting and feeling strikes.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video below:

  1. What is a leader line?
  2. Why use a leader?
  3. Pros and cons of different types of line (braid, traditional monofilament, fluorocarbon)
  4. What size & type lines should be used for kids?
  5. How to connect different types of lines

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Matching the right fishing lines to the species that you’re targeting is very important in ensuring that the day is full of catching and not “the one that got away” stories.

And when saltwater fishing, it’s very important to use leaders right before your hook so that you can get the protection you need where it counts while still being able to effectively cast and feel strikes.

The good news is that creating leaders is very easy to do so you don’t have to waste money on pre-made options… it’s best to customize your own to fit the exact type of fishing that you’ll be doing.

Click Here To Learn How To Rig Your Leaders

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Bob Schrank
3 years ago

You did not mention what to do with your used trash line. It is VERY important to teach our children to never throw away used, broken line into the water, just like any other trash! Teach them when they are young, for lifetime fun!

Bob Schrank
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Perfect! We are on the same page.

Jack Briggs
3 years ago

The above presentation is excellent . As a retired instructor your explanation, clarity could not have been better, however there is no mention of a barrel swivel in any of your presentations. I have fished the Chesapeake Bay for more than fifty years and have used a swivel of some sort until moving to South Carolina where the word is not used. What is the explanation ?