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Fishing Reels for Kids

Fishing Reels for Kids

For someone new to fishing, the huge amount of fishing reels found in a store can be overwhelming.

Because not only are there different types of reels, but each type has a ton of options and they even get matched up with different types of rods.

So this post will be your high level guide that covers the pros and cons of the three core types of traditional reels that can be found in almost any store:

  1. Push Button Reel
  2. Spinning Reel
  3. Bait Casting Reel

Watch the video below to learn about the 3 core type of fishing reels:

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Selecting the right reel for a child does not have to be a hard decision…

For young kids, the push button reels are the way to go because they are so simple to use.

And for older kids, the spinning reels should be considered because they allow for better performance (casting and drag) while still being fairly easy to operate. Also, they’ll feel that the fit in more with other anglers because these are the reels that are most commonly used among saltwater anglers.

Whichever type you choose, I recommend starting out with a combo deal at a local store because that is almost always the way to get the best deal… not only do you save on the rod and reel, but they often come with line on the spool as well so you can immediately start fishing.

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