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How To Cast A Push Button Reel For Kids [Video]

Getting kids out fishing at an early age is extremely important in ensuring that our waterways are kept in the best possible condition going forward.

Because the more people who love and respect fishing, the more people will be involved in supporting efforts associated with cleaning and maintaining our waterways.

And the type of reel that is most effective in allowing kids to get started at a young age is the traditional push button reel because it is so easy to operate with only a couple moving parts that a child has to focus on.

But although these reels are simple, it’s still important to know exactly how they work to ensure that all goes smoothly while out on the water.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video below:

  1. Basic mechanics of a push button reel
  2. How to let line out
  3. How to retrieve line
  4. How to cast a push button reel
  5. How to troubleshoot casting problems
  6. How to set drag

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For a young child, the push button reel is the way to go for getting them started on fishing because they are very easy to use and have few moving parts (thus are hard to mess up).

Best of all, many of these reels come in combo sets (rod + reel + line) that are all set up and ready to go so there is very little setup effort required…

Plus, they are often the most affordable option of them all.

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Robert Labaut
Robert Labaut
1 month ago

My daughter has the Shakespeare push button reel, I changed out the line. The problem I’m having is it won’t let cast more than maybe 5 ft before it stops, sometimes even shorter. Can you help me fix this.