The “Take Kids Fishing” Online Course

Bottom Rigs

When fishing from piers, bridges, and shorelines, most of the fish catching comes from fishing near the bottom, so it’s very important to know how to effectively get your baits into the core strike zone.

Since many man-made structures like piers, bridges, and docks often leave debris on the bottom, they attract a lot of structure oriented fish (which is a plus), but they also create a lot of tackle-stealing structure…

So it’s very important to know what leader assembly you’ll need for bottom fishing depending on how much structure is down there along with the current and wave activity.

Here are links to the two core types of leader assemblies you need to know in order to be ready for action:

1. Dropper Rig (can be used almost anywhere)
2. Beach Fishing Rig


P.S. – Have you seen the online fishing courses for adults yet? Click here to see all of the current courses being offered along with our exclusive fishing club for inshore fishermen.

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Michael Soileau
4 years ago

This program looks great and I’m sure it will help parents and kids enjoy fishing and the outdoors. A couple of suggestions come to mind. 1. Instead of starting with brand new expensive tackle I would encourage looking in charity shops, garage sales, and flea markets. Might get more for the buck. The other thing that always worried me when taking my daughter fishing is water safety especially for offshore. Not only wearing a good life vest but being able to swim. One other thing is to encourage beginners to practice at home first. Hope the program works out.