It’s not every day that we see professional quality videos (with drone footage) from the “Offshore Grouper” guys…

And nothing against offshore bottom fishing for fish like Grouper and Snapper by any sense of the imagination.

Heck, I think we would all agree that Grouper and Snapper are some of the best fish to target (fun fight and incredibly good eating).

But the reason we rarely see professional videos on these offshore anglers is that the drone footage and professional videography if usually reserved for the high-flying fish like Marlin (offshore) and Tarpon (inshore)…

However, Capt. Mike from Findictive Charters (in conjunction with Bryan Flores and his team at Naples Drone Photography) proved us all wrong with this epic offshore video filmed near Naples, FL. And I hope it only means we get to see more videos like this one…

I don’t know about you, but it had me dying to go out offshore for Grouper!

Amazing job guys.

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This entire video is magnificently CRaZy!

To begin, there is an angler on a docked boat fighting a juvenile tarpon all within a very small gap in between two boats that are moored very closely together (not even the Tarpon anglers in Boca Grande Pass want to be this close when fighting a Tarpon…)

Then you have a lady yelling about a Crocodile (this is an Alligator)…

Then you have the most obvious out of place element, the Alligator in the marina basin!

According to the YouTube video description: The angler (Linskey) was fishing with Double R’s Fishing & Tour Company, in Naples, Florida.

I won’t ruin the ending for you… check it out for yourself.

Let us know your thoughts on this video. Seems like they could have easily pulled the tarpon out of the water, and the lady laughing at the end doesn’t exactly scream “Respect the fish…”

And a big thanks to our friend Ben Romas over at Field & Stream for shooting this video out.

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If you have ever caught an inshore fish before, then you know how addicting it can be to go out and do it again…and again…and again…

There is something magical when a fish strikes your line, when the line starts sizzling out, and beating all of the variables you must overcome to land any inshore fish, regardless if you are using a fly reel or a spinning reel…

So when we saw this incredible video by Patrick Rhea of Livit Films (check out our entertaining interview with Patrick here), we had to share it because we knew that you would relate to it.

That you would relate to the “Skinny Water Obsession” of doing anything to find the best fishing spots…

That you would relate to driving hundreds of miles to try new areas…

That you would sacrifice other things in life to be able to wet a line and catch fish.

This is the Skinny Water Obsession, and Patrick did one heck of a job documenting what it feels like.

Skinny Water Obsession = Salt Strong

There are three things that can instantly bring a crowd together on a public beach…

  1. The Ice cream truck
  2. Anything Free
  3. A big fish, shark, or Goliath Grouper being landed on a crowded beach

In this case it was #3…

And it was a huge Goliath Grouper that was landed on a public beach in Naples, FL

As you can see from the video, the angler hooked the large Goliath Grouper from a pier, and then walked the large fish all the way down to the beach where they finally landed it among many beach onlookers.

Well done gents.