West Coast of Florida

June 28th, 2017

Diver Films The Bottom Of The Boca Grande Phosphate Dock! Check Out What He Found!

Holy Goliath Grouper Honey Hole! After watching countless videos of anglers pulling up Goliath Grouper in and around the famous old phosphate dock at Boca Grande, I always knew that there must be a bunch of them down there. And after fishing around this area many times and getting broken off in the pilings, I

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November 30th, 2016

Wait til’ You See Why This Guy Is Having His Best Redfish Day Ever!

This could be Redfish Heaven! A while back I posted a video called, “The Biggest School of Redfish Ever Captured on Film” (if you never saw it, make sure to watch it here). And in that Redfish post, I asked any and all anglers to send me video footage of a bigger school of redfish (if

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May 27th, 2016

Can You Guess Which Fish The Lionfish Killer Will Take Out Next? Watch This Massacre!

He’s back… Alex Fogg, aka “The Lionfish Killer”, is a back with another awesome video where he and a few of the Reef Rangers put a hurting on the pesky lionfish. This time they are in Pensacola (approximately 15mi Southwest of Pensacola Pass). in 100ft of water. Notice a few sharks come up hoping for

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May 17th, 2016

This Is The Most Amazing Inshore Fishing Video You’ll See All Day!

Here at Salt Strong, we come across a TON of fishing videos… Some are good, some are great, and some are nothing short of amazing. Well, this video below from Dustin Dykes and Savage Charters (with Capt. Chris Law) fits in the amazing bucket. As you will see below, it is nothing short of every inshore

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May 12th, 2016

This 3-Year Old Puts On One Of The Best Fishing Clinics Ever!

When most 3-year olds are learning the ABC song, this little angler is giving fishing lessons. The young man in this awesome video is Kellan Hunt. Little 3-yeard old Kellan baits his own hooks, he lands sharks, he nets sheepshead, and he even gives a lesson on rigging and tying knots. Love it! He also

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May 2nd, 2016

You Won’t Believe What This Monster Snapper Was Caught On!!!

IMPORTANT WARNING: Kids, adults, and anglers of all sizes and ages… do NOT try this at home. It could end up costing you your fishing rod, your boat, or even your life… In what could be the most dangerous and riskiest fishing stunt ever captured on film, Captain Brant (from Angler Up With Capt. Brant)

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April 30th, 2016

You’ve Got To See This Amazing Underwater Speckled Trout Attack Footage!

If you like catching speckled trout (aka spotted sea trout), then you will love this video! Anthony of TB Wild Images took his scuba gear, a couple of scuba lights, and a GoPro down and captured this amazing evening speckled trout feeding frenzy. It was all filmed at night, and the lights were attracting the bait

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April 26th, 2016

You’ve Got To See This Angler Catch A Redfish Using PLIERS (on 2nd Cast!!!)

If you’ve ever been fishing for redfish, you know that some days they won’t touch any lure or live bait you throw at them, while other days they will hit just about anything… This is one of those latter days… Two things about this video on catching a redfish with a set of pliers: You

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March 22nd, 2016

Watch “The Lionfish Killer” Bag 400lbs of Lionfish & Get Hit In The Mask By A Lobster!

He’s back… Yep, Alex Fogg (aka the “Lionfish Killer”) has a new video out. And this time he featured not one, but two new marine cameos… a camouflaged stingray and an angry lobster. Check out Alex and the Reef Ranger team go to town on this pyramid reef near Pensacola, Florida. And if you don’t

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March 10th, 2016

This Kayak Angler Catches Two Fish In One Cast (Without Spilling A Drop Of Beer)!

Everyone loves a 2-for-1 deal! And our kayak angler friend Zoffinger (check out his YouTube channel here) got a great two for one deal with a pair of jacks (not to be confused with a card hand). But the most impressive thing was watching Zoffinger dehooking these two jacks from the treble hooks without spilling

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March 2nd, 2016

This Is What A Shipwreck Taken Over By Lionfish Looks Like!

The Lionfish Killer Is Back!!! Note: If you didn’t hear the amazing interview with Alex Fogg (aka The Lionfish Killer) that just went live yesterday called “Meet The Man That Has Killed Over 10,000 Lionfish”, then download and listen to the podcast interview here. This video below it a recent dive that Alex and his

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February 22nd, 2016

Wait til’ You See This Snook Spit Out A Hooked Mullet And Then Slam It Again Seconds Later!

Have you ever seen a snook hit a live bait, get hooked, fight for a few seconds, spit the hook out, and then slam the same hooked bait just seconds later? Ironically, this same scenario was part of our rebuttal to PETA about catch and release fishing when they made some outrageous claims that fish feel

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February 9th, 2016

Why The Redfish “Shallow Season” Could Be One Of The Most Exciting Times To Catch A Red!

Tailing, backing, and stalking redfish in super shallow water is pretty tough to beat… And there is no better time to do it than during the cooler winter months of the redfish “Shallow Season” when many redfish head back in some super skinny water… As the guy in the video says, “This kind of fishing

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January 26th, 2016

Watch The Lightning Strike Around This Angler As He Fights A Big Beach Tarpon!

What do you do when you have a nice land-based 100lb+ Tarpon on the line and a lightning storm starts to move in closer? Well, our friend Brent Bensmiller (aka SHOORTYS on YouTube) of Paddle Naples says stick it out and land the fish! Check out the awesome fight he had (you can see the tarpon jumping

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December 27th, 2015

This Is What Happens When You Go Redfishing With Blackneck Adventures!

We’ve been following Capt. Mike Goodwine (aka “Blackneck Adventures”) for quite some time… From his long-fought “Free Mike Goodwine” battle with Facebook about having Capt. in his name (which Mike eventually won), to the mogan redfish and snook he is constantly posting on Facebook and Instagram… Heck, we even got to meet the guy and

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December 12th, 2015

This Girl Knows How To Celebrate Landing Back To Back Goliath Grouper!

When Heather recently went Goliath Grouper fishing with our friends from Big Bully Outdoors, little did she know that she would be catching not one, but TWO Goliath Grouper! And she probably didn’t know that the water was going to be so cold that day… But when you land your very first Goliath, it’s part

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October 7th, 2015

Want To Know How Many Sharks Are In The Destin, FL Pass? This Drone Footage Is Pretty Revealing.

Check out this sick drone footage that “Birds-i-View” captured while hovering over the sandbar outside of Destin’s east pass. If you live anywhere near the Florida panhandle and want to catch sharks, now you know where to go… Around the :53 mark you can see exactly where this is in Destin. Finally, if you know

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September 26th, 2015

Can You Count All Of The Tarpon In This Amazing Boca Grande Tarpon Video?

It’s Tarpon Time! Wait until you see how many tarpon are in this amazing tarpon video out of Boca Grande, FL video! And sorry to bust your bubble, but I think it is close to impossible to count all of them (we tried). However, we will gladly give a Salt Strong hat to anyone that

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September 22nd, 2015

Watch These Back-to-Back Goliath Grouper Handline Fights From A Sunken Shipwreck!

Have you ever been to Red Lobster before? I remember going to Red Lobster as a kid and being so amazed that the adults could point to their favorite lobster in the big lobster tank up front, and then have it on their plate steaming hot in butter just 30 minutes later… Well, this video

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September 17th, 2015

Ever Wonder What A Shark Sees Right Before It Attacks A Hooked Grouper? Then Watch This!

Talk about the perfect underwater camera placement! My brother Luke and I tried this one time in about 40 feet of water, and we never could get a perfect shot. But our friend “Show Me The Snapper” managed to get some really amazing footage of not only a grouper eating his live bait on the

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September 15th, 2015

Find Out Why This Angler Risks Putting His Arm Down A Goliath Grouper’s Mouth!

Our friend Capt. Andrew and Mallory Herzog from Big Bully Outdoors first made an appearance on our site way back in February with their amazing video titled, “13’7 Hammerhead Shark Caught From The Beach!” (you can watch it here). And now they are back as the Salt Strong daily featured video once again! This time

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September 15th, 2015

What’s The Only Thing Worse Than A Bull Shark Stealing Your Tarpon On Film? Two Bull Sharks!

Many fishermen call the sharks that swipe in and steal your fish after you put in all of the work to wear the fish out as “The Tax Man”. And what’s worse that a “Tax Man”? Two Tax Men! In this wild video, an angler is bringing up a nice tarpon to the boat (I

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August 6th, 2015

This Is What Happens When It Floods In Tampa: Downtown Street Fishing!

When I think of Tampa Bay Fishing, the last thing that comes to mind is Hillsborough Avenue… But this past week we have had hurricane-like rain here in Tampa, so much so that the streets were flooded, people were using their jet skis and kayaks in the road, many cars were flooded, and there was

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August 5th, 2015

This Is What Happens When You Give An Offshore Grouper Angler A Drone!

It’s not every day that we see professional quality videos (with drone footage) from the “Offshore Grouper” guys… And nothing against offshore bottom fishing for fish like Grouper and Snapper by any sense of the imagination. Heck, I think we would all agree that Grouper and Snapper are some of the best fish to target

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