“The Colossal Redfish Chase Them Like A Fat Kid After The Ice Cream Truck”

Published on December 5, 2015 under Flyfishing, Inshore Fishing, Monster Fish, Salt Strong

Not only does this Redfish video have some of the most professional and epic redfish footage out there, it also has some of the best fishing lines to date…

“The Colossal Redfish Chase Them (Flys) Like A Fat Kid After The Ice Cream Truck”

“Those big Redfish freaking look like big orange school buses in the water”

I can’t wait for you see this Louisiana winter time redfish video below!

And make sure to stick around for the entire video. About halfway through is when they start getting into the 20lb+ redfish like this one below (including a heartbreaking trophy redfish at the very end).

Good stuff!

redfish wintertime louisiana

It will certainly want to make you head to the marshes of Louisiana this winter. I am already hitting up my brother Luke to do a trip there after watching this.

Who knew that the water was so clear there in the wintertime? Wowzers.

Great job Waterline Media!


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