Freedom…we tend to take it for granted. And we certainly don’t recognize and honor the men and women enough that put their lives on the line, that miss their families for months (or even years) at a time, that lose their peers at work, that lose their limbs at work, and that lose their lives at work…all for us…all for our FREEDOM.

My brother Luke and I want to honor and lift up any and all men and women that have served, or are currently serving in the military in a big way…In particular, we are going to dedicate the entire month of March to the Wounded Warriors that have been disabled in while fighting for our safety and freedom.

This March Fishing Madness is for you…for being Warrior Strong…and for risking it all for the safety and comfort of our families.

We hope you enjoy our month-long adventure below. We try to add at least one video per day, and to interview one fishing superstar or celebrity every week day.

Enjoy and Thank you,

Joe & Luke Simonds

The Epic Intro

March 1st

March 2nd

March 3rd

March 4th

March 5th

March 6th

March 7th - Saturday

March 8th - Sunday Funday

March 9th

March 10th

March 11th

March 12th

March 13th

March 14th (Saturday)

March 15th (Sunday Funday)

March 16th

March 17th

March 18th

March 19th

March 20th

March 21st (Day 1 of Wounded Warrior Fishing)

March 22nd (Day 2 of Wounded Warrior Fishing)

March 23rd (Day 3 of Wounded Warrior Fishing)

March 24th (Final Day of Wounded Warrior Fishing)

March 25th

March 26th

The FINAL Weekend

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