Have You Seen These Men That Save Pelican’s Life From Sabiki Rig?

Published on April 15, 2015 under Salt Strong

Heroes are being created every day.

Some heroes that get the attention of the entire world.

Some heroes that go almost completely unnoticed.

Some heroes that risk their lives by protecting our country (and sadly go unnoticed and unannounced).

Some heroes that save humans.

Some heroes that save the planet.

And some heroes that save animals…

Like these two men that went out of their way to save a pelican from dying by freeing a sabiki rig (fishing line with a bunch of small hooks – made for catching bait) that had been wrapped around the pelican’s beak (meaning it couldn’t eat and would have eventually died).

And not only does the one guy stop after they freed the bird’s beak, but he actually puts his entire head in the pelican’s mouth to make sure there were no more of those small sibiki hooks still left over.


Great job gents, it made our day to see this moving video of an animal living to see another day.

Pelican Saving Men = Salt Strong

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Chris Fletcher

Kudos to these guys. Good thing the pelican didn’t fly away!