This Is What Happens When Salt Strong Teams Up With Lunkerdog During The Mullet Run.

Luke and I first met Captain Jeff Maggio (aka Lunkerdog) via a Google Hangout Interview back in March when we did the popular March Fishing Madness event.

Even though it was all done over the Internet, you could tell that Capt. Jeff was a reel guy…

Then when Luke and I met Jeff and spent some time ICASTing the heck out of ICAST with the guy, there was no doubt in our minds that Lunkerdog is not only a reel guy, but he is the real deal.

So when Capt. Jeff asked us to go fishing with him during the Mullet Run, we jumped all over it like a tarpon on an injured mullet…

And the footage below was the result of a late afternoon Mullet Run session with the one and only Lunkerdog.

Now I want to note that this guy was nothing short of a celebrity down there in Fort Lauderdale.

Everywhere we went anglers were yelling “Run That Dog”, they were waving at us, coming by to say hello, and we spotted a dude wearing one of the old Lunkerdog tournament shirts.

Luke and I even had the chance to certify some of Jeff’s famous 5-gallon buckets to give to some of the local “Happy Baiters”… what an experience!

The looks on these kids faces when we pulled them over and gave them a certified RTD (Run That Dog) bucket was priceless!

Keep up the great work down there Capt. Jeff.

And a huge thanks to “Lamont Andre 3000 Lunkerking Seahorse Stankonia 2liveCrew Mulletking formerly known as the artist Chip Mayhugh” for the amazing footage and editing.


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Christopher Hobby
5 years ago

Did you a guys use the Carolina rig method?

Christopher Hobby
5 years ago

Always thought it didn’t make any sense to throw a live mullet in a big huge pod of live mullet with all the mullet they have already. But you showed your results…snook and tarpon. It is a fun site to see so much mullet. Surf fishing is fun when the mullet run goes on. I’m ready to surf fish. Does the west coast have a mullet run?

5 years ago

Yes, it at first seems odd to use a bait where there are thousands of others just like it in the water for the big fish to eat. However, it’s survival of the fittest and fastest out there so the hook and weight of the line make the baits a fraction slower than the others… which makes them the prime target for a hungry fish that is looking for the easiest meal.

5 years ago

Man all that mullet. Just a fun reel site to see all that much bait. Good job on the snook and tarpon. And cool you got to meet some folks on lower east coast. Capt. Jeff is a trip.

5 years ago

Sure was fun trip… nice snook, fun tarpon, and most importantly – we had to pleasure to be part of 5 certified RTD buckets going out to reel guys down in south FL!

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