June 28th, 2017

Diver Films The Bottom Of The Boca Grande Phosphate Dock! Check Out What He Found!

Holy Goliath Grouper Honey Hole! After watching countless videos of anglers pulling up Goliath Grouper in and around the famous old phosphate dock at Boca Grande, I always knew that there must be a bunch of them down there. And after fishing around this area many times and getting broken off in the pilings, I

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December 26th, 2016

This Is How You Sneak Up And Stone A 55LB Grouper!

Let’s face it, not all of us will spear a 55lb grouper in our lifetimes… In fact, most of us (including me) would be thrilled to catch a 55lb grouper on a rod and reel, let alone spear one in 50+ feet of water. Note: Luke released a really helpful “How To Make A Grouper

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November 6th, 2016

Goliath Grouper Pulls Angler In The Water Caught On Film!

When fishing for monster Goliath Grouper, you just never know what might happen… Check out the wild footage that our friends from Big Bully Outdoors captured when one of their clients from South Dakota had a fishing trip he’ll never forget (apparently it was his birthday). Kudos to the angler for hanging on, getting right

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October 10th, 2016

This Is What Happens When You Peek Over A Rock And See A 50lb Grouper!

In the head!!! Spearfishing is just like fishing… Some days nothing seems to bite and you can’t find a fish anywhere, and some days lady luck reaches out and presents fish right in front of your face… In this case, the latter happened as a spearfisherman  slowly peaks over a rock to see a 50lb+

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October 7th, 2016

Check Out This Extraordinary Goliath Grouper Gathering!

Goliath Grouper are one of the most talked about and inquired about species from our audience at Salt Strong. These majestic fish have been on the protected list for a couple of decades, and they are finally getting back to where they need to be in terms of growth. In fact, many anglers claim there

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September 20th, 2016

Goliath Grouper Swallows GoPro And They Find This Footage The Next Day!

Yep, a Goliath Grouper will eat just about anything… From bonito to snook to redfish to GoPros… Especially if you stick a GoPro up near the face of a goliath grouper as they found out in this video below. Check out the amazing footage that our friend Robert Arrington (from Deer Meat for Dinner) and

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September 15th, 2016

Watch What Happens As These Guys Try To Land This Redfish!

Dog gone Goliath Grouper… Hard to believe these fish were “almost extinct” and had to be put on the protected species list years ago… they certainly are plentiful today. What’s also interesting about this video is that I believe it is the first time I’ve seen a goliath grouper attack a redfish on film. Usually,

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July 30th, 2016

You’ve Got To See What Happens When This Firefighter Gets Pulled In By A Goliath Grouper!

When you go fishing for Goliath Grouper, it’s important to have your drag set tight so that the beast of a fish doesn’t take you down into the structure. Of course, you also never know what size Goliath is going to hit your bait down below. So when this 400-450 pound hammered firefighter Stephen Rampersad’s bait,

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July 21st, 2016

Diver Shoots A Grouper While Picking Megalodon Shark Teeth From The Ocean’s Floor!

I’d say that diver and spearfisherman Justin Smith had a pretty good day! While diving off of the coast of North Carolina last month, Justin not only bagged handful of megalodon teeth, but he also bagged some grouper. All while fending off a hungry shark. And did he make it look incredibly easy to find

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July 15th, 2016

Watch This Grouper Suck Down A LionFish Like An Oyster!

Have you ever seen a lionfish up close before? The are a strikingly beautiful and exotic looking fish that looks like it belongs in a fancy salt water aquarium… However, these fish are cold-blooded, venomous, predatory killers! They kill off fish communities (eating other fish in one bite), disrupting habitats all over Florida, stinging things

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June 18th, 2016

Puffer Fish Chokes Grouper (You’ve Got To See What Happens Next!)

Note: Stick around until the very end of this video as you will find out who wins the battle… If you are an inshore angler, you probably aren’t the biggest fan of puffer fish (aka porcupine fish or blow fish). Why? Well, they are constantly biting the tails off of your artificial lures, stealing bait,

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April 25th, 2016

You’ve Got To See This Diver Fight Off Multiple Goliath Grouper!

Talk about underwater highway Robbery! These Goliath Grouper sit down by wrecks and just wait for a free meal… Whether it be a hooked fish or speared fish, the Goliath Grouper doesn’t care. Check out this wild footage of multiple Goliath Grouper attacking spearfishermen’s catches. It was like the entire school of grouper were teaming up

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April 22nd, 2016

Salt Strong “Fishing Tribe” Member Lands 400lb Goliath Grouper On A Wrench!

Yep, that 400lb Goliath Grouper making the news yesterday was caught by our very own Ryan “The Wrench” Hein. I was scrolling through the Salt Strong “Fishing Tribe” private Facebook group feed yesterday afternoon and saw that someone had posted this ABC News video about a Goliath being caught using a Stanley wrench! Note: Click here

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March 17th, 2016

You’ve Got To See What These Guys Capture On Film While Drift Diving A Famous Inlet!

If you like snook, you are going to love this video! About a month ago, we posted a video that went crazy viral of a few guys taking a GoPro down to the bottom of the Sebastian Inlet (you can see that video here) So when I saw that two other guys did an entire

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January 20th, 2016

These Guys Take A GoPro To The Bottom Of Sebastian Inlet! Check Out What They Found!

Would you ever dive down to the bottom of the Sebastian Inlet? I can only imagine that these divers (Josh Rhein, Vaughn and Nikko) did this dive on an absolute perfect day (and slack tide) for the Inlet. Because the last time I was fishing the Sebastian Inlet the water was incredibly choppy, not to mention,

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January 14th, 2016

Goliath Grouper Attacks Diver Caught On Film!

Wait til’ you see this big ol’ Goliath Grouper attacking a spearfisherman that had just plucked off a nice snapper. This beast of a fish certainly shows the diver who is the boss of the bottom of the ocean! I can only imagine the person filming this was just as shocked as he/she watched this big

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December 12th, 2015

This Girl Knows How To Celebrate Landing Back To Back Goliath Grouper!

When Heather recently went Goliath Grouper fishing with our friends from Big Bully Outdoors, little did she know that she would be catching not one, but TWO Goliath Grouper! And she probably didn’t know that the water was going to be so cold that day… But when you land your very first Goliath, it’s part

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November 24th, 2015

This Is What Happens After You Eat A Banana On A Fishing Boat!

I can’t make this bad luck bananas on board stuff up folks… Here is a video note from our friend Capt. Ben Chancey (of Chew On This): “After eating a banana, angler gets pulled in by a Goliath Grouper” Now if you never read the funny (yet informative) “Top 5 Myths About No Bananas On

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November 17th, 2015

Darcizzle vs The Goliath Grouper

Earlier this morning, we posted a wild video of a Goliath Grouper not only stealing a spearfisherman’s catch, but dragging the diver along with him while he ran off with his spear (watch that video here). So when we saw our friend Darcizzle (from Darcizzle Offshore) take on a Goliath Grouper for her first time,

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October 26th, 2015

Here’s What EXTREME Snook Pier Fishing Looks Like!

If you were one of the few that missed the Viral Fishing Video called, “This Is How You Land 43-inch Snook From One Of The Snookiest Fishing Piers In Florida Like a BOSS”, then make sure to check that video out next. Why? Well, it was part one of this two-part Juno Beach Pier snook fishing video

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October 20th, 2015

Watch These Two Grouper Fight Over A Lionfish!

In the past year or so, we have reported on quite a bit of positive news regarding lionfish. To begin, we featured the incredible video of “The Ultimate Lionfish Killer” that plucked 200 lionfish from a sunken airplane off of Pensacola. Click here to watch that amazing lionfish video. And then we showed the brave

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October 17th, 2015

The Top 10 Most Amazing Goliath Grouper Videos on the Internet!

People just can’t seem to get enough of the Goliath Grouper! Anytime there is a new video that even remotely involves a Goliath Grouper, it always seems to go Viral. And I guess we can’t blame em, as watching someone try to reel in a massive fish like a Goliath Grouper is pretty addictive and

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September 29th, 2015

BlacktipH Gets A “Snooky” Surprise When He Takes A Bass Guy Fishing For Baby Goliath Groupers.

You wouldn’t think that a 20lb baby Goliath Grouper would be that hard to land… But pound for pound, these baby grouper have more energy, more strength, and can fit into more small crevices of structure (where they break you off) than almost any other fish in Florida. Need some proof? Then watch as our

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September 28th, 2015

You’ve Got To See What This Girl Somehow Manages To Land (With A Broken Rod Tip)!

Last week we had a fishing video that took place somewhere in Asia that went viral on our site called, “You Won’t Believe What This 6-Year Old Wearing A HELLO KITTY Jacket Muscles Up!” . And in that video a young 6-year old girl is fishing for big fish in a man-made “fishing reservoirs” over in

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