June 28th, 2017

Diver Films The Bottom Of The Boca Grande Phosphate Dock! Check Out What He Found!

Holy Goliath Grouper Honey Hole! After watching countless videos of anglers pulling up Goliath Grouper in and around the famous old phosphate dock at Boca Grande, I always knew that there must be a bunch of them down there. And after fishing around this area many times and getting broken off in the pilings, I

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February 9th, 2017

Underwater Footage Of The World-Record Mangrove Snapper Honey Hole!

Could you imagine catching an 18-POUND Mangrove Snapper? I think for most of us, we would love to catch a 5-pound mangrove snapper. Well spearfishing stud Cameron Kirkconnell not only has proof these huge snapper exist, but he has gone down to snapper honey holes like the one in this video (this is somewhere on

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June 14th, 2016

Red Snapper Flips Angler Completely Out Of Kayak Caught On Film!

When my friend Brandon Barton (the same kayak angler that accidentally hooked a big osprey in this video) sends me an email, it usually has an amazing kayak fishing video with it… So when I saw that he emailed me yesterday, I was quick to open it up and see what he had captured on

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May 2nd, 2016

You Won’t Believe What This Monster Snapper Was Caught On!!!

IMPORTANT WARNING: Kids, adults, and anglers of all sizes and ages… do NOT try this at home. It could end up costing you your fishing rod, your boat, or even your life… In what could be the most dangerous and riskiest fishing stunt ever captured on film, Captain Brant (from Angler Up With Capt. Brant)

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January 20th, 2016

These Guys Take A GoPro To The Bottom Of Sebastian Inlet! Check Out What They Found!

Would you ever dive down to the bottom of the Sebastian Inlet? I can only imagine that these divers (Josh Rhein, Vaughn and Nikko) did this dive on an absolute perfect day (and slack tide) for the Inlet. Because the last time I was fishing the Sebastian Inlet the water was incredibly choppy, not to mention,

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August 23rd, 2015

Every Freediver’s Worst Nightmare Captured On Film!

WARNING: You will want to watch this video more than once to see where the heck this Goliath Grouper came from! If you have ever been freediving/spearfishing before, then you know just how painful this is to watch. Because when you are freediving there is so much effort, time, and precious breath that goes into

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June 18th, 2015

Darcizzle Takes Her Fishing Show Underwater.

Darcizzle (from Darcizzle Offshore) is back! And this time she is taking her fishing skills underwater as she goes spearfishing with the FAU Spearfishing Team down in the Florida Keys. If you missed the last few Darcizzle videos, here are a few of our favorites: “Darcizzle Snook-a-Thon” (watch it here) “Darcizzle Catches Sailfish on 20lb

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May 21st, 2015

Shark Steals Diver’s Fish And Then Steals His Spear Gun!!!

When Back to Basics Adventure stars Aaron “Az” Gallagher and Jack “Stricko” Strickland went spearfishing on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the last thing they expected was any type of shark attack… And as avid divers and experienced spear fishermen, they certainly didn’t expect to be chasing a shark that had stolen their spear

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May 18th, 2015

Triggerfish and Snapper Eat Lionfish on a Pyramid!

Just when I thought “The Lionfish Killer” Alex Fogg couldn’t get any more creative with his lionfish killing prowess, he brings in pyramids, triggerfish, and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers (one of my favorite bands). What a cool video man! And by the way, if you didn’t see Alex’s two other amazing lionfish videos

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February 25th, 2015

Bob’s Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

(this video was submitted by angler Bob Harbison) If you have ever been out deep sea fishing on a charter boat, then you know the “Usual” routine… Everyone drops their lines and everyone brings up a bunch of small fish… But NOT on this fishing trip of a lifetime with Bob. Huge tuna, snapper, and

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January 4th, 2015

Boatloads of Huge Snapper & Monster Grouper (Addictive Fishing)

Luke and I have enjoyed watching legendary (and pretty darn entertaining) Captain Blair Wiggins of Addictive Fishing on TV for a very long time. So when Kevin of Addictive Fishing sent us over this awesome Addictive Fishing video from the “Tortuga fishing files” last night, we were pretty freakin’ stoked. In this engaging (and impossible to

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December 29th, 2014

World Record Mangrove Snapper Spot

underwater footage of World Record Mangrove Snapper Spot.

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December 29th, 2014

Kayak Spearfishing and Lobstering In South Florida

Kayak Spearfishing and Lobstering in South Florida is completely affordable and productive.

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