4-year old Kellan Hunt has done it again…

Talk about putting on a fishing clinic.

In just one afternoon this little guy lands more snook than many adults will land in an entire year… all from a stand-up paddleboard!

Check out how many snook and trout he lands while out fishing with his dad (Courtland Hunt from the viral Glock lionfish video) and his legendary inshore guide Capt. Scott Moore.

I think we can all agree that we need more young kids like this getting involved in fishing. Makes me smile seeing how much this young man loves the sport.

More tackle boxes and fewer Xboxes!


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If you love inshore fishing, then you probably know it’s a bad sign when a dolphin camps out right where you are fishing.


A dolphin can completely kill the bite in an area as the fish go into survival mode and are too preoccupied to worry about eating.

But the only thing worse than a dolphin right in your casting area is a dolphin that comes right up next to you and steals your fish from the stringer!

Check out the crazy footage that ThresherFishing caught on camera recently! That was one hungry porpoise!

What’s crazy is that if you stick around for the full video, you will see that the trout bite doesn’t stop even after the dolphin makes himself known to the area.

What you can learn from this:

  • Always have a long stringer when wade fishing in case a shark or dolphin decides it wants your catch for dinner
  • Never tie a stringer tightly on your body (always have it set up where it could breakaway)


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If you like catching speckled trout (aka spotted sea trout), then you will love this video!

Anthony of TB Wild Images took his scuba gear, a couple of scuba lights, and a GoPro down and captured this amazing evening speckled trout feeding frenzy.

It was all filmed at night, and the lights were attracting the bait fish, which attracted the trout, which attracted some awesome trout attacking bait footage!

Just want until you see how many trout showed up by the end of the video.

What a trout feeding frenzy!

So cool to see this up close like this!

I guess we all know when and what we should be using to catch hungry trout in the Tampa Bay area now…

Amazing footage Anthony!

A big thanks to Logan Roberts of Tampa for sending this along.


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Dan Decibel is at it again! (the same Skinny Water Culture guy that created this award winning Tarpon video)

This time Dan has created some sick Redfish Topwater footage.

If you have ever been fishing for redfish (aka “redfishin”), you know that there is nothing cooler than seeing a redfish come up and slam your topwater lure on the surface.

And in this video, Dan captured the guys from FlatsHQ showing off what their FlatsHQ lures can do when it comes to redfish (and a few other inshore species as well).

I don’t know about you, but color me impressed!

Well done Dan and the FlatsHQ guys.

Amazing redfish footage.

I understand why you called the video “Unnatural” now…

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While we were out fishing with our Wounded Warrior friend Scott Lilley (check out the epic footage from the 4 days fishing with Wounded Warrior Scott here), Scott landed a really nice sea trout.

And while Luke was grabbing the line about to pull up the sea trout, the trout did one last head shake to try to get free…while at the same time…


No joke.

We were fishing with 5″ threadfins, so when we saw this half-digested mullet fly out of the trout’s mouth, we were all a bit stunned.

Another crazy day on the water!

Fortunately for the trout, he was released…although going back to the water a bit lighter…

Mullet-Puking Sea Trout = Salt Strong


It’s rare that we ever post our own videos on this main Salt Strong page (in fact, I believe this is the first video we have ever posted on this main video board), but we had such a great day back in the Florida grass flats yesterday that we couldn’t help but show you.

This was a “Skinny Water Inshore Slam” (Snook, Redfish, and Trout) all on artificial lures…and all of this footage and fishing action was caught over a 3 hour period yesterday.

Pretty good considering when we finally hit the water for the day (at 3:30pm) we had on rain gear as it looked like it was going to storm again.

But the sun peaked its head, and we tour it up in less than 2 feet of water catching a big 31-inch redfish, tons of smaller reds, a handful of snook, and even a couple of trout.

And Andrew, the Salt Strong promoter and marketing manager, caught the biggest fish of his life.

Team Salt Strong = Salt Strong

For any of you offended by this “Swearing Sailors” language, we apologize in advance.

We do our best to keep this site family friendly.

But this video was too good to pass up, and we hope the kid’s lego balances out the curse words…

It’s not every day you see someone catching a trout off of a lego, so enjoy this one.

Lego = Salt Strong

Here at Salt Strong, we love catching big sea trout!

And we also love watching the legendary Captain Blair Wiggins catch fish.

So when we came across this video of Blair catching big trout on topwater plugs, we couldn’t resist sharing with you, our audience.

In this video Captain Blair is fishing with Captain Tyler Vollmer in the famous Mosquito Lagoon near Titusville, FL.

He is throwing the Mogan Series TroKar Mirrorlure, a Top Dog topwater plug that the speckled sea trout can’t seem to resist.

Make sure to follow Captain Blair Wiggins at Addictive Fishing. He is the “Reel Deal”

Blair Wiggins = Salt Strong