One of six BULL REDFISH that I pulled in on my day off from chartering. It was non-stop action til after dark! Such a fun day...

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Catch Info:

Angler: Captain Krista Miller
Location St. George Island, Florida
Species Redfish
Division Boat
Lure/Bait Used Finger Mullet
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About the Angler:

Captain Krista Miller
St. George Island, Florida
Profile Photo
Strong Guide
Captain Krista Miller

Captain Krista is a USCG Master Captain and Professional Fishing Guide, who owns and operates her own fishing charter company, Island Charters, of St George Island, in the Florida Panhandle. Her native family has been fishing the waters of the Apalachicola Bay and River, St George Island Sound, the Gulf of Mexico and along Florida's Forgotten Coast for six generations. Krista spends most of her days on the water, fishing with clients, and promoting this beloved sport through her daily work. This busy angler runs close to 400 fishing charters a year, and recently started a successful booking service to accommodate her growing clientele. However, she still finds time to seek the elusive buck during the hunting/off season. Who's ready to hunt some feeeshies?! "Living Salt Strong isn't just a way of life. It's who I am..." ⚓️ For more information & daily fishing photos:

Hometown: St. George Island, Florida
Profession: USCG Master Captain and Professional Fishing Guide

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