Underwater Footage Of The World-Record Mangrove Snapper Honey Hole!

Could you imagine catching an 18-POUND Mangrove Snapper?

I think for most of us, we would love to catch a 5-pound mangrove snapper.

Well spearfishing stud Cameron Kirkconnell not only has proof these huge snapper exist, but he has gone down to snapper honey holes like the one in this video (this is somewhere on the east coast of Florida) and plucked world records with his spear.

And if you don’t know 13-time World Record Spearfishing “Champion” Cameron Kirkconnell, you should get to know him.

The guy is one of the most talented spearfishing experts the world have ever seen, and he is just getting started on breaking records and changing the world of spearfishing.

Make sure to check out his super entertaining and hilarious interview we did with him here.

Cameron Kirkconnell = Salt Strong

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