Anglers Attempt To Lift A Man Attached To A Medium-Heavy Fishing Rod Using A Forklift!

Have you ever wanted to test the strength of your fishing rod?

Well, not only did these guys go to some extreme lengths to test their “Catch The Fever” fishing rod, but they strapped the rod on a forklift and attempted to lift a dude up!

And it wasn’t some big-game rod meant for 1000 pound marlin that has no bend, this is a 7’6 medium-heavy fishing rod meant to catch catfish (as you will see, it has ALOT of bend to it).

Of course, these “Catch The Fever” fishing rods aren’t meant for just small catfish, but even a 100-pound catfish isn’t going to have a chance to snap this rod!

Check out the bend in this thing when the forklift gets up to the top!

Holy unbreakable fishing rod.

Check it out.

To learn more about Catch The Fever fishing rods, click here.

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