This Girl Throws A 10ft Cast Net Better Than Most Men!

Jessica Jae is one heck of an angler!

If you recognize her in this cast net video below, it is because she is the same girl that appeared in the extremely popular redfish video, “These Two Girls Tear Up The Redfish Near Cocoa Beach!” (watch that one here).

And in this video below, Jessica is “serving up pancakes” (aka having the cast net form a nice circle like a pancake) with her textbook cast (using a 10ft cast net)!

For those of you that don’t know much about cast nets, a 10ft cast net like this probably weighs around 15 lbs depending on what lead weights she has on there, and they are not very easy to toss into a “pancake-like” shape as Jessica does in this cool video.

So well done Jessica!

And for your performance, Jessica Jae = Salt Strong

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