You’ve Got To See This 4-Year Old Toss A Cast Net Like A Pro!

You might recall back in May that we featured a 3-year old named Kellan Hunt that put on a serious fishing clinic that would impress even an old salty angler (you can see it here if you missed it).

Well, little Kellan is all grown up now (he’s now four), and this time he is tossing pancakes for bait.

Check out the spread this little guy throws over the back of his grandfather ‘s boat (that he can barely see over).

Note: His grandfather is famous fishing guide Capt. Scott Moore.

Well done!

Only one thing we would like to change Kellan… send us your address so we can get you a Salt STRONG sun protection shirt. You deserve it.

Do you want to teach your kids how to throw a net like this?

Here is an easy to follow tutorial for kids of all ages. Click here to see it now.


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