This Is What Happens When The Big Lebowski Goes Shark Fishing!

“Dude, we don’t wet a line on a Shabbos…”

This might be the coolest fly fishing video ever made!

Here are some of my favorite Big Lebowski quotes tied in with fishing. Can’t wait to see yours in the comments!

“F it Dude, Let’s Go Fishing”

“You don’t go out looking for fish dressed like that do you? On a weekday”

“This Shark aggression will not stand, man”

“This is what happens when you foul hook a shark, Larry”

“The center console really tied the boat together Dude”

“Brandt can’t watch this shark video… or he has to pay $500”

“Did I urinate on your boat?” “No, like I said, Woo urinated on the boat”

“What makes a fisherman, Mr. Lebowski?

“It’s Dude”

“Huh? Is it being prepared to catch the biggest fish… whatever the cost. Isn’t that what makes a man?

“Sure, that and a pair of testicles.”

The Dude Abides.

Brilliant work by Stripn Flywear! You guys are certainly Salt Strong in my eyes.


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