Model Marissa Everhart Lands New Fishing Show. Watch What She Does To This Jack!

Ever heard of “The Hottest Bite?”

Apparently, it’s a new YouTube-based fishing show where pro angler Tyler Kapela and model Marissa Everhart go around the world to discover exotic locations, explore diverse cultures, and catch some lunker fish.

So far, they only have four videos up on their channel, and they are all pretty short (but action-packed).

I’ll be interested to see if they get enough attention for a full-length show or keep doing the shorts.

But one thing is for certain is that they have more content coming…

I saw on Capt. Nick Stanczyk’s Instagram page that Tyler and Marissa were out daytime swordfishing this week, and I’m certain they got some amazing footage with Capt. Nick.

the hottest bite fishing show
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I also saw a few pics of a sawfish they caught while filming this month.

Click here to check out the new Hottest Bite YouTube channel

What do you think? Would you watch the show?

At least Marissa isn’t afraid to get her fingernails dirty! Loved seeing her cut up the jack for shark bait.

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments.

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