What Happens When Manatees Attack A Kayak!

Published on April 15, 2015 under Kayak / Paddleboard, Salt Strong

No, this is not the girly-girl screaming like she was getting attacked by a manatee video…

That video was so “un-Strong” that we had a tough time even watching the entire thing, let alone risk putting it on our site.

In this video, it appears as if a man and his kids are in their kayaks, trying to get close to a group of manatees in a small harbour.

What they don’t realize is that they are trying to get close to a mama manatee and her calves, and mother manatees don’t exactly like it when you get too close to their babies…

In fact, that is usually the only time you will see manatees get this aggressive.

Thankfully one couple in their sailboat had the camera rolling, and we all get to see a different side of the manatee.

Not to mention, we all get to learn a lesson…

Don’t get too close to a mother manatee and her calves…you just might get the TAIL!

P.S. – Don’t stop watching after the first manatee attack…it doesn’t end there…the mother manatee comes back for another round!

Mother Manatee = Salt Strong

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5 years ago

I dont know much about manatees,  but I know to never get between a mother and her baby. Never ever a good idea.  >

5 years ago

That must’ve been scary for the guy with his kids. But also funny as hell from the comfort of my computer!