Is This The Most Extreme Fisherman In The World? You’ve Got To See This!

Published on March 31, 2016 under Pier / Jetty, Salt Strong

What’s the craziest or most dangerous thing you have ever done to catch a fish?

I can still vividly recall when my dad, my brother Luke, and myself went to the backcountry of Costa Rica in search of monster snook (all land based fishing).

At one point in the trip we had to walk a mile or so through a secluded pasture that we knew was teaming with snakes… and then at the very end of the hike, we had to cross through small wading pools that had crocodiles in them (the crocs were literally staring at us as we crossed).

Had it not been for our crazy local guide leading us with no fear, I think we would have turned around and ran…

But none of that compared to what this guy, Sam Niang, a Laotian fisherman, has to go through to fish every day.

You’ve got to see him walk a high wire strung above the raging Mekong River rapids (which is his daily commute to work).

If he’s not the world’s most extreme fisherman, then I’d love to know who is.

Leave us a comment with any of your wild stories.


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