Here's What You Get Today:


Smart Fishing Spot System ($1,000 Value)

  • Over 12,500 Inshore Fishing Spots & Detailed Reports (with more going up DAILY)!
  • We Show You Exactly Where To Catch Inshore Saltwater Slams (Every Single Weekend - in 10 minutes or less)!
  • Honey-Hole Fishing Spot Breakdowns (we fish a new spot every week and show you EVERYTHING! It’s like having a guide show you his best fishing spots each week - including WHY the fish were in each spot)


  • 20% Off All Fishing Tackle (from the biggest fishing brands you are already using)
  • Exclusive Side-by-Side Product Comparisons (revealing to you what truly is the best value from everything to rods, reels, lures, and more)
  • Insider-Only Early Bird Access To Our Custom Lures (like Slam Shady, Alabama Leprechaun, and more)

Mastery Course Bundle ($721 Value)

  • Finding Spots Mastery (ninja online map tactics that have never been publicly taught before)
  • Positioning & Approach Mastery (How to position your boat or kayak in every possible scenario for more strikes)
  • Inshore Fishing Mastery (three top guides break down the secrets to catching slams in all four seasons)


  • Access To Pro Coaches (it's like having a full-time fishing guide on speed dial)
  • Receive Instant Help With Anything (from best rigs to finding boat ramps and kayak launches to help with dissecting a new spot)
  • Explode Your Fish-Catching Results (all pro athletes have coaches - why wouldn't you have a coach to help you improve your fishing skills)


  • We've spent over $30,000 on the last 12 months alone getting guides and experts to share their best tips in these mini-courses!
  • Unlimited Access to all mini-courses
  • Plus free access to all new mini-courses while you are a member


  • Never have to guess what depth, bait, and type of structure is best again!
  • Over 20 different PDF Cheat Sheets (stuff you won't find out there in magazines or YouTube videos!
  • Downloadable and printable (so you always have a copy nearby)


  • Join over 14,000 anglers (with more fishermen joining the Insider family DAILY)!
  • Powerful Network (to ask questions, get advice, and even meet-up with fellow Insiders who fish in your area)
  • Weekly Giveaways (we give away free tackle and gear to members every single Monday night simply for being active in the community)!


(In your first 30 days of being a member)


Are You Ready?

  • Are you ready to start seeing new inshore fishing spots every seeing week?
  • Are you ready to start catching more redfish, trout, black drum, snook, tarpon, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, and flounder over the next 12 months than you ever have before in your life?
  • Are you ready to take your fishing game up a level?
  • Are you ready to start OUT-FISHING all of your friends?
  • Are you ready to start saving time and money when it comes to fishing?
  • Are you ready to start predicting EXACTLY where the feeding fish will be every time you hit the water?
  • Are you ready to PREDICT the feeding zones quicker than ever before)?
  • And are you ready to catch inshore fish YEAR-ROUND regardless of the temperature, tides, wind, or moon?

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Here's PROOF The Insider Fishing Club Works From A Few Members:

Eric's Story:
Dave's Story:
CAM's Story:

Here's Even More Proof This Club Works!

These Fishing Stories Will Be YOUR Story...

"So much info on LOCATING FISH"
"I love the weekly fishing reports..."
"I was catching trout on every cast!"
"What an Awesome tribe of anglers!"
"The community is extremely helpful..."
"Meeting great people who share a common interest"
"I got my first slam because of the club!"
"Access to new fishing knowledge"
"From newbie to PRO fisherman in 2 years!"

And More Results Just Keep Coming DAILY...

Quick Question For You...

  • If all I did was help you avoid getting skunked on your next trip, would it be worth it?
  • If all I did was help you avoid the frustrating days when everyone seems to catch fish except for you, would it be worth it?
  • If all I did was help you avoid wasting your time trying to figure out what to do, would it be worth it?
  • If all I did was help you avoid feeling lost when you try new spots, would it be worth it?
  • If all I did was help you avoid burning a "hall pass" with nothing to show, would it be worth it?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, NOW is the time...

I Told You It Just Keeps Going...

More Proof This Is The Most Legit Saltwater Fishing Club On The Planet

You're Probably Thinking...

  • You're probably thinking "My area is different... I've got murky water or we have massive tide swings... Right?

    Some of our most successful students (with the biggest transformations) came from areas like Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina where the water is a bit murkier than it is in places like Florida. And most of it came from the "AHA" moments when they realized how trends and "Science-based smart fishing spots" can help you predict exactly where the feeding zones will be (even in super murky water).

  • You're probably thinking "What if I don't own a boat..." right?

    No worries! The entire focus of this Insider Club is on TRENDS and COACHING that has proven to work for anglers who fish from boats, kayaks, paddle boards, piers, beaches, and shorelines.

  • You're probably thinking "Are there going to be other anglers, spots, and trends in my area... Right?

    Although we have members in all 50 states (and even 4 different countries), the majority of our members fish primarily from Texas all the way up to Virginia. But even if you're north of Virginia or west of Texas, we've had countless members use the same trends, tactics, and shortcuts to catch inshore fish anywhere they live.

  • You're probably wondering "is this a scam??" Right?

    NOOOOOOO! We're just two normal brothers who believe the world would be a better place if more kids and families were out fishing... and we're trying to impact as many people as we can.

  • You're probably thinking "I'm a newbie, will this work for me?" Right?

    YES! The Insider Club has proven to work for anglers of all skill levels, and our newbies actually see some of the quickest results.

  • You're probably thinking "I'm a full-time guide, will this work for me?" Right?

    YES! The Insider Club has full-time guides in every region and even they say they learn something new every month.

  • You're probably thinking "I hardly have any time to fish, will this work for me?" Right?

    YES! The beauty about what you'll discover in the community is that a big portion of the learning curve is done OFF THE WATER... everything from learning how to find new spots quick using online maps, to pre-trip planning like a PRO, to understanding the TRENDS can all be done from the comfort of your home.

  • You're probably thinking "Am I going to need to buy a bunch of new stuff for this to work?" Right?

    The truth is that the fishing industry has lied to us... if all you did was read the fishing magazines and watch fishing TV shows, you'd think the answer to catching more fish was simply more tackle and equipment... but nothing could be farther from the TRUTH... you'll quickly discover how you can catch MORE fish with LESS tackle by becoming a specialist at the small amount of lures and bait you need to catch inshore fish year-round in your area.

  • You're probably thinking "This is a crazy low price for all of this value... what's the catch?" Right?

    The catch is that you have to put in the work! And you will!!! Because you're ready for this community and it's ready for you. Now try it already it's free for crying out loud.

You Deserve To Become Consistent At Catching Inshore Fish & Maximize Your Valuable Time On The Water...

You Have Nothing To Lose. We Stand Behind Our Customers.



Are you sure I'm not signing up for something with a commitment, contract, or "cancellation fee"?

100% sure. You can cancel your membership at anytime with zero charges or fees. We were raised by hard-working parents who taught us from a young age that we don't deserve to keep anyone's money if they aren't THRILLED with our product or service.

How do I cancel if I no longer want my membership?

Simply send an email to and we will help you take care of it. You can also call us toll-free here: (855)888-6494

My goals might be different than other anglers, I don't want to go pro, I just want to catch more fish in less time and avoid the skunk. Will this still work for me?

Although we have had numerous students go pro, get their captain's license, and even win money in tournaments, the entire mission of the community is to help you maximize your time, become more consistent, and avoid the skunk! toll-free here: (855)888-6494

I don't have time to watch a million videos. Do I have to watch everything?

Everything in the community is "a la carte" so you can pick and choose what you watch and download based on your current needs or upcoming trips.

I'm not very good on the computer. Do I need a degree in computers for this online community to work?

Everything in the community is "a la carte" so you can pick and choose what you watch and download based on your current needs or upcoming trips.

How quickly can I access the community and start seeing tips and courses?

Immediately. Within minutes of you completing the application questions and putting your info in, you'll receive an email from us with a simple one-click link to get instant access to everything. We've made it incredibly easy for anyone who can open an email and click one link to get started right away.

And in case you were wondering...

There is No Catch!

I know there are some online companies out there that promise a lot but don't deliver...

This isn't one of them.

There are NO hidden "fees" or "locked in" contracts - Oh! and in case you're wondering why we're doing this and giving away so much valuable intel risk-free...

Well, there are actually a couple reasons...

1. It's our way of proving you're going to love it!

2. Because unlike other "fishing gurus" out there, we don't try to sell you on why a certain product is best (because we turn down all sponsors so that we can tell you what truly works - not what a sponsor wants us to say), instead, we focus on giving you everything we wish was around back when we were super frustrated with inshore fishing.

3. If I get you to try the Insider Club and see how awesome it really is, hopefully you'll stay a member and keep using it for a long time (like most members).

This Page Keeps Going Because The Salt Strong Insider Club Keeps Working...

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