This Is Why Two Brothers Quit Their Jobs To Help People Catch More Fish…

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To help fishermen catch more fish in less time (while having more fun and creating more memories out on the water).


WE HELP FISHERMEN maximize their time, become more consistent at finding feeding zones (quicker than ever before), avoid dead zones, save money on tackle and equipment, and help them have more FUN by creating memories and experiences out on the water with their loved ones.

WE DO THIS by providing the best fishing tips, tactics, shortcuts, secrets, and how-to blueprints through free tips, exclusive online fishing courses, and the amazing Insider Fishing Club.


Because we truly believe that the world would be a better place if more people went fishing… In particular, we believe that America would be a much better place (filled with more love, more amazing memories, and more experiences with loved ones) if every kid had the opportunity to fish.

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Fishing can be so FRUSTRATING!!!

One day the bite is amazing… feeding fish are everywhere!

Yet, the very next day there isn’t a fish to be found… it’s as if they all got up and left their spots… as if they were playing a joke on us fishermen…

I’ll be honest with you…

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many skunked and inconsistent fishing days I had before my brother Luke helped me figure it all out…

You see, I vividly recall days when I was on FIRE!

It seemed like every single cast was a strike.

I was reeling them in like crazy!

Redfish, speckled trout, snook, another trout, ladyfish (boo), another red… then another, three more trout, snook, snook, trout, Pa-POW!

In my mind, I was so good that I was going to start entering tournaments.

Nobody could stop me!

I came back to the marina with my head held high… CONFIDENT

I was a MAN… I was a FISHERMAN.

Then… the very next day… in the EXACT same spot.






I couldn’t buy a strike.

I couldn’t even get a catfish or pufferfish to bite!

It was as if all of my magical fish catching powers from the day before had washed off.

I went from thinking I was the best inshore fisherman in the area to feeling like I had no earthly idea how to catch a single fish.

For years, this pretty much summed up my fishing game.

CONSISTENCY was NOT a word I would ever use to describe my fishing.

Do you want to know what I did next?

I did what most fishermen do…

I started buying all kinds of different fishing tackle and equipment (hoping and praying that it would help me find more fish)…

I bought:

  • The hottest new rods
  • The fanciest and most expensive new reels
  • The best fishing line on the market
  • Endless packs of the latest baits and lures that I had seen advertised in the fishing magazines…
  • Even upgraded my tackle box, kayak, and waders…

But guess what?


I did it hoping that it would help me catch more fish, but all I found was that I had less money…

Even worse, I had more tackle than I knew what to do with… along with the itching suspicion that I made a mistake…

After a while, I finally realized that I was chasing the WRONG things.

Instead of buying all of the shiny new objects, I should have been doing what my brother Luke was doing…

Want to know what he was doing?

Well, he was studying the fish… discovering their BIOLOGY… finding out why, when, and how they react to certain things in their environment.

Instead of falsely believing that some magical lure existed, Luke was putting the pieces together on WHY feeding fish move to certain areas of the day based on tides, temperature, bait, wind, current, etc…

And with his new knowledge, Luke started killing it out on the water.

He was no longer held HOSTAGE to live bait (he was catching more fish with artificial lures than anyone of his fishing buddies could with live bait).

He was finding the feeding zones quicker than he ever imagined.

Heck, he was even entering inshore fishing tournaments… actually WINNING MONEY and beating many full-time fishing guides.

the salt strong story

Salt Strong Co-founder Luke Simonds  with a Monster Trout in a Fishing Tournament near Sebastian Inlet

Me on the other hand…

Well, I had moved away from Florida… met an amazing girl, and spent a decade in Georgia and four years in Texas.

I didn’t get to fish every week like Luke did anymore…

But every time I came back home to Florida to fish with Luke he put on a fish catching show!

And I found myself getting better and better every single trip just from watching him.

I recall one trip where we caught TEN inshore slams in a row… 10 days straight of landing redfish, snook, trout, and some flounder (100% on artificial lures – while only fishing a few hours per day).

My brother Luke had finally “cracked the code” to finding feeding fish.

He wasn’t going back to the same old spots that we always used to fish…

Not only that, he seemed to be able to PREDICT where the feeding fish would be.

Over time, Luke taught me how he was doing it (along with some of our closest friends), and his methods worked amazingly well.

It was around that time when we first had the motivation to start a company that would help fishermen avoid the same mistakes we made for so many years.

We wanted to teach fishing.

We wanted to help other fishermen who were frustrated.

We wanted to give them everything we WISHED had been around 20 years ago when we first started getting serious about inshore fishing.

It wasn’t an easy decision by any means…

We had so much going for us at the time:

  • Luke and I both had six-figure comfortable jobs
  • We had the weekends off
  • We had a great small business that most people would dream of having

But we also knew that what we were currently doing wasn’t FULFILLING

We weren’t getting up excited about the work we were doing in the financial field…

It just wasn’t us.

We didn’t see ourselves doing it for the rest of our lives… and we were basically working every day at a job we didn’t absolutely love just so we could have weekends off to fish…

There had to be more to life.

One evening, after a long meeting in Chicago, Luke and I were in the hotel room having beers and dreaming about what it would be like to walk away from it all… to quit our jobs… to start a fishing company.

At first, it seemed impossible…

We had never even worked in the fishing industry.

We had no connections.

We didn’t even have a business plan.

However, we continued to feel called to start a fishing company that would help people.

After many talks and much prayer, we decided to risk everything and start Salt Strong.

Not only did we walk away from our jobs and completely “cut the cord,” but we sold everything we had to fund Salt Strong.

I moved my family and two little girls from Atlanta back down to Tampa…

My wife had to quit her job…

We had to take the girls out of their schools…

We had to cut back on our lifestyles big time.

We invested everything we had saved up to make it happen.

In other words, we JUMPED IN HEAD FIRST!

We knew that was the only way it would work.

We had to cut off every safety net… burn the bridges behind us if you will.

It was the only way we could focus on building the perfect place for serious fishermen who value their time and truly want to become more consistent…

A place where we could share what really works with other fishermen.

A place where we could help fishermen like you maximize your time

A place where you could go to become a more consistent fisherman

A place you could trust to give you unbiased product reviews to save you money

A group you could join to find better fishing spots (quicker than ever)…

Finally, a community filled with like-minded fishermen that you could call family…

A placed called Salt Strong

Thank you for making this dream a reality.

None of it’s possible without amazing fishermen like you supporting the cause.

Tight lines,

Joe Simonds

Salt Strong Co-founder

P.S. – If you haven’t figured it out yet, Luke is BY FAR the better fisherman between the two of us… but we make a pretty great team as I handle the business/sales/marketing side of things while spends every single day teaching, testing, and creating new tips for fishermen like you.


How Salt Strong Was Born

The entire Salt Strong MOVEMENT began with a simple blog and a YouTube page.

And after much debate on what fishing tips we should film first, we finally agreed to start with the one thing that all fishermen must have…

STRONG fishing knots.

After months of testing all kinds of different fishing knots, Luke was shocked that many of the knots he had been using for years (like the Uni knot) weren’t actually the strongest.

Here’s one of the very first knot videos (the FG knot) that really put Salt Strong on the map as a leader in knot tying videos.

Note: You can see all of our fishing knot contests here

 The Salt Strong Music Video

The next video that helped “make Salt Strong famous – at least locally” was a music video we did with Hunter Smith from the band, Jill’s Cashbox.

It was wild how it all happened.

My friend Sara Michaels from 97 Country called me one day and told me that I had to hear this song from a fishing captain named Capt. John Gunter.

I checked it out and instantly loved it.

It was more of a bass fishing song to start, but I contacted John and he agreed to sell us the rights to his awesome song. The next thing you know Hunter had transformed it into more of a saltwater song, which quickly became the Salt Strong Anthem

You’ve got to check out “Fishing In Our Soul” below.

How Salt Strong Became Legend

(Catching A Snook From A 3rd Floor Balcony)

We were now two full years into the Salt Strong movement, and the company was growing pretty fast.

At the time, we had already helped thousands of fishermen catch more fish in less time, we had helped one guy go from being a complete saltwater fishing newbie (he had never caught a single saltwater fish) to going PRO in just two years (so we knew what we were teaching was working), and our Insider Fishing Club was really starting to grow.

And then it happened… a video that would bring MILLIONS of new eyeballs to us in just a few days.

While we were in a business meeting, I couldn’t help but notice a snook about 100 feet away from the 3rd-floor balcony we were on.

A few casts later, Luke actually caught the snook!

All kinds of media and news outlets picked it up (it was even on the home page of The Weather Channel), and now we can’t go to any fishing event without someone asking us if we’ve caught any more fish from balconies…



Salt Strong Fishing Courses & Insider Fishing Club

“Catch More Fish Or It’s FREE”

Finally, I mentioned earlier that we help fishermen catch more fish through our online fishing courses and our exclusive fishing club.

If you want to:

  • Maximize your time on the water
  • Find and catch more fish (faster than ever before)
  • Have more FUN while out fishing

Then please click here to learn about our exclusive Salt Strong Insider Fishing Club.

And don’t forget to check out all of our proven fishing courses.

Click here to see all of our available online fishing courses


What Does Salt Strong Stand For?

If you are wondering what we stand for (along with a little more WHY we took such a risk to start Salt Strong), then you’ve got to check out our Core Beliefs.

They’ve become the guiding light for our company.

Click here to read our “Core Beliefs


Meet The Salt Strong Team


Joe Simonds – The Ringleader

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Luke Simonds – Chief Fishing Addict

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Nick Pavone – Chief Technology Guru

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Tony Acevedo – Inshore Fishing Director

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Carrol Bennett – Customer Happiness Director

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Meet Some Of The Salt Strong Fishing Coaches


Capt. C.A. Richardson (Flats Class TV) 

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Capt. Peter Deeks (Native Sons Fishing)

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Peter Miller (Bass2Billfish & Unchartered Waters)

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“Wader Dave” Ulgenalp (Wade Fishing Expert)

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Capt. Dylan Hubbard (Hubbard’s Marina)

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Captain Quinton Dieterle (Miami Charter Fishing – Cutting Edge)

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Salt Strong: Family. Freedom. Fishing.