Salt Strong: Family. Freedom. Fishing.

In December of 2014, two brothers shocked their clients, friends, and family by quitting their six-figure jobs to disrupt the fishing world…

They sold everything (from their company holdings to their real estate to their digital assets) so they could start their dream lifestyle fishing company called Salt Strong where they would:

  • Teach the best strategies & tactics to catch fish
  • Help families create amazing experiences through fishing

The following three videos showcase our roots, our evolution from selling apparel to online fishing courses, to the Salt Strong music video with Jill’s Cashbox, to our Insider fishing club.


“Burning Our Suits” – How It All Started

“Fishing In Our Soul” – Salt Strong Music Video

What Is Salt Strong? – Where We Are Today (2017)

Our mission sums it all up in one sentence…

The Salt Strong Mission:

“To help saltwater anglers catch more fish and create memories that matter through fishing.”

The Salt Strong Vision

Our Vision:

That every single child and adult in America has the opportunity to experience the thrill of fishing.

What Does Salt Strong Stand For?

  • Being “Salt Strong” means you support fishing and will do anything in your power to make sure future anglers have the same opportunities and fishing experiences that you did.
  • Respecting the fish & fishing conservation.
  • Family. Freedom. Fishing.

The Salt Strong Core Beliefs

We believe in Family

We believe that we can bring families closer together through fishing

We believe that America needs more Tackle Boxes and Less Xboxes in front of kids

We believe that the two most powerful things to heal people are prayer and saltwater… in that order

We believe than any fishing apparel company can slap a good looking fish on the back of a shirt… but it takes a special fishing brand to help you catch the fish on the back of your shirt

We believe that all anglers were created equal

We believe that it is our duty to teach the next generation how to fish

We believe that kids will remember their best fishing experiences 30 years from now

We believe in sharing fishing knowledge

We believe in working hard and playing hard

We believe that Strong Anglers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexes, disabilities, and differences

We believe that strong anglers don’t mock other angler’s, don’t belittle other anglers, and don’t start fights with other anglers… We are in this together

We believe that a passionate Tribe of anglers can accomplish anything together

We believe in always saying, “Please”, “Thank You”, “Sir”, and “Ma’am”

We believe that fishing is under attack and we must do everything in our power to ensure future generations can enjoy fishing like we did

We believe that it is our duty as anglers to respect and protect our fisheries

We believe that the majority of the fishing apparel and gear is obnoxious and cheaply made today

We believe we can change that…

We believe that “Pa-POW!” is a word

We believe in listening, loving, and respecting our customers

We believe in ALWAYS telling the truth and being transparent

We believe that America is the best country in the world

We believe that America has slightly gone off course

We believe that anglers can unite to make America a better place

We believe that “Merry Christmas” is what you should say during “Christmas”

We believe that if you don’t stand for something then you stand for nothing

We believe that we need to give back to the military, the disabled, and those that don’t have the same liberties we have

We believe that we can make huge impacts in people’s lives and in family’s lives through fishing

We believe that there is no better legacy to leave behind than passing on the love of fishing to the next generation

We believe that cell phones ringers MUST be turned off or to vibrate while fishing

We believe that God has called us to start Salt Strong

We believe that we can change the world through fishing

We believe it so much that we quit our jobs and sold everything to make change the world through fishing.

Will you join us?

Salt Strong Fishing Courses & Insider Fishing Club

“Catch More Fish Or It’s FREE”

Salt Strong specializes in online fishing courses that help inshore anglers:

  • Maximize their time on the water
  • Find and catch more fish
  • Have more FUN while out fishing

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About The Salt Strong Team

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