Kayak Paddleboard Reviews

Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit Review [Pros, Cons, & More]

In this video, we're going to talk about the Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit! I first saw one of these back at iCast in 2017 and since then it's...
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Kaku Kahuna Paddleboard Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

Looking to get a new paddleboard? Check out this video where I break down the top three pros and cons of the Kaku Kahuna.
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L2Fish Paddle Board Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

This L2Fish paddle board review will show you the top 3 pros and cons of this unique SUP from an independant source so you get transparent information.
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Jackson Coosa Flex Drive Kayak Review [Video]

After using the Jackson Coosa FD Kayak for a couple months, Salt Strong kayak expert Tony dives into the pros and cons of this kayak and how to set it up.
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How To Transport Your Paddle Board Hands-Free [VIDEO]

Do you want to see the best way I've found to transport your paddle board (even without using your hands)? Then check out this cool strap. Enjoy.
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YakAttack “ParkNPole” Independent Review (Plus Best Ways To Use It)

Have you tried this ParkNPole anchor pin from YakAttack yet? Check out the pros, cons, and best tips on how to use to catch more fish. Enjoy the video.
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SUP Fishing With A Push Pole & Casting Platform [Sight Fishing Machine]

SUP fishing can be the ultimate one-man sight fishing machine if done properly. This post shows how to maximize your height and stealth to maximum results.
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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Fishing Kayak (Must Read Before Purchase)

Do you want to discover the pros, cons, and "what to avoid" mistakes when it comes to buying a fishing kayak? Then check out this in-depth buyer's guide.
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Simple Trick To Loading A Kayak On An SUV By Yourself [VIDEO]

Want to see a cool (and simple) trick to loading a kayak on an SUV without any help (and not having to worry about scratching your vehicle)? Check this out!
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4 Essential Kayak Fishing Safety Tips For Newbies.

Do you want to know the four kayak fishing safety tips that I wish someone had taught me back when I first started? Then check out these must-know tips.
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How To Choose The Best Paddle Board For Fishing [Video]

Wondering what the best paddle board for fishing is? Well the answer depends on how and where you'll be using the board. See pros and cons in this post.
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How To Get Back In Your Kayak After It Flips Over In Deep Water [VIDEO]

Do you want to see the 3 steps to getting back in your kayak the quickest way if you ever flip out? Then check out Luke getting dunked in this new video!
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11 Essential Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips For Newbies

Do you want to see the 11 "Must Know" tips for anyone heading out for a day of saltwater kayak fishing? Then check out this post that is sure to be of help.
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Paddle Board Fishing: 3 “Must Know” SUP Fishing Tips [VIDEO]

Have you tried paddle board fishing? Thinking about it? Well, here are three must know paddle board fishing tips for anglers of all experience levels.
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