Speckled Seatrout Fishing Tips

Want a proven method for catching speckled trout year-round (even if you don’t have a boat)?

If you are an inshore fisherman anywhere from Texas all the way up past North Carolina and you are frustrated with how inconsistent your trout game is, then you’ve got to see these four trout tips from Capt. C.A. Richardson of Flats Class TV.

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Otherwise, enjoy all of these trout fishing tips below.

The Trout Book: Best Trout Spots, Water Color, & Bait

Have you read The Trout Book by Frank Sargeant? If you want to start catching more trout then you've got to find the best...
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Where, When, & How To Find Big Speckled Trout In Fall

Do you want to know more about trout behavior patterns for the fall? You can set yourself up for success when targeting big trout by...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 9-30-21 [Fall Trout Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log [Will be added shortly!] 0:00:38 – Choctawhatchee...
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How To Quickly Catch An Inshore Slam [New Exploration Trip Report]

See some tips on how to quickly catch an inshore slam when exploring new waters on a short trip under 3 hours long.
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Quick Slam In Tampa Bay – Insider Report Details

See the Insider Report details from the quick slam trip while exploring some new waters in Tampa Bay that recently got hit by red tide.
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How To Sight Fish For Snook, Trout, & Redfish Like A Pro

Are you new to sight fishing or just want to improve your sight fishing game? Sight fishing is so rewarding but you need to know these...
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Spring Speckled Trout: Best Lures, Spots, & Lure Retrieval Methods

Do you want to take advantage of the spring speckled trout bite? The 3 most important things to know about catching trout right now are...
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3 Tips To Catch Big Redfish And Trout Around Heavy Structure

Do you fish a lot around rocks and oyster beds? These areas hold big redfish and monster trout in the spring, but if you are not...
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The Secret To Guaranteed Speckled Trout On SUPER WINDY Days

Want to know the secret to catching speckled trout in windy conditions? Check this out to learn the one thing that...
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Fishing For Trophy Trout in the Spring

Spring time is near! This also means that the bigger fish will be on the move. In this video, Salt Strong Fishing Coach Capt Peter...
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Winter Sightfishing Trip For Redfish, Seatrout, and Black Drum [On-The-Water Trip Report]

This trip was one for the books! Some fun sight fishing opportunities with some quality fish. Started out as a pretty cold day but the...
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Feeding Zones for Marsh Zones in the Wintertime (Galveston, TX Spot Dissection)

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be discussing how to find wintertime feeding zones in marshy areas! The area shown as an example in...
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Winter Wade Fishing For Redfish & Speckled Trout (TX Insider Report)

Want some tips on wade fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish in the wintertime? Check out this new Insider Report from Corpus Christi, TX!
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Wade Fishing For Redfish & Trout After A Severe Cold Front

Wondering if wade fishing can be good after a severe cold front, then be sure to check out this new on-the-water fishing tip video.
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3 Tips To Catch Speckled Trout In The Fall Under Docks

Targeting trout under docks is one of the best ways to catch them in the fall. Docks provide structure and food, plus if they're on the...
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