Tackle Tester Program Details & Info


Want to test free tackle – and keep it?

We’re looking for anglers like you to test out free tackle every month.

Get all the information below!!

Tackle Testers Program Details & Info

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll send you an email every month letting you know what free tackle we need you to test out
  • You get to decide if you want the free tackle or not
  • If you want the free tackle, you only have to cover the small shipping charge (usually just a few bucks)
  • The tackle arrives at your house, you fish with it, and let us know what you think
  • Rinse and repeat every month

Note: The tackle testing offer will be once per month and it is first come, first serve.

Also – ONLY Insider Members are eligible to participate/be Tackle Testers.

If you’re a member, click here to see the latest Tackle Tester program.

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If you’re already a member, just be on the lookout in your inbox around the 18th of every month.

Looking forward to getting some new tackle in your hands in the coming weeks.

We appreciate you!

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Larry Poe
1 day ago

Not sure where we are supposed to tell you what we think?
Tried the new(er) mullet mulligan in shallow water /inshore in SWFL. I wonder: have you changed the plastic any? Seemed fragile. Only caught 2 fish ( trout/ladyfish) aver on each one before it was cut up and had to be changed out.Ran thru 1 1/2 packs on one 3 hr trip alternating with the other swimbait. Rare for me to go thru the smaller paddle tails like that on trout. it did catch fish but no better than a slam shady 2.0 that i’d dyed chart. ( I now notice you have a similar product optimus lime.) I hope this is what you want from testers…

Thomas Van Cleef
6 days ago

Took the Labronze mulligan 4” paddle tails out for a test spin.
Fished inshore around monkey island Homasassa preserve area.with two others onboard.
We landed several different species.
Lots of slot reds, several oversized sea trout 19” plus. Hooked up on several oversized reds and five foot bull shark.
Awesome 8 hours on the water.
Weather conditions 50degrees raining, overcast . Windy.
November 24th, Friday.
Full rain gear day.
Can’t what to see how well these work on sunny warm day.
What’s the next tackle to be tested in December.
Watch your six
Tom Van Cleef
Amature tackle tester

Tony Westerman
11 days ago

Has the Lebronze color been discontinued?

richard lyons
13 days ago

Just a quick question the last three orders I’ve received there has not been a label on the soft plastics letting me know which lure it is. I know if it is a paddle tail, swim bait. Example I just received the latest test lure mulligan 4″ labronze. But nothing on the package telling me that. Some package have label’s and others don’t. The only reason I am bringing this up is when I want to order more and there is no name of the lure on the package. Thanks going to try these this week

Kristan Sheffield
12 days ago
Reply to  richard lyons

Hey Richard! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This must have been an oversight on our part as we normally do have all the lures labeled. I will be sure to double check with out Shipping Team and ensure that all packaged lures are labeled. Again, thank you for letting us know and we appreciate all your support for Salt Strong!

John Parry
14 days ago

Am I too late

Brad Gill
15 days ago

How do I pay for the shipping on tackle testing

Nico Remmers
15 days ago

Nevermind it worked

Nico Remmers
15 days ago

When I click on the link it doesn’t show me where to get the baits

15 days ago

Did all insider members get this email offer? I never received an email. I checked my spam and all other folders no email at all, just a text message about the program.

Last edited 15 days ago by DANIEL D WINSKI
Joe Grizzaffi
16 days ago

I don’t understand got a text and email both bring me to the login and I’m logged in. From there nothing found this on the dashboard I don’t get it very confusing

Nico Remmers
15 days ago
Reply to  Joe Grizzaffi

Same here

Jeff Picard
15 days ago
Reply to  Nico Remmers

Sane here

Richard weinstein
14 days ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Still the same issue everything is a big circle that keeps taking you back to this page where you can’t sign up for anything or order anything for the tackle tester program it just keeps trying to make you join is it insider but I already am. It’s not working it’s missing a link to actually get the free tackle.

Joe Grizzaffi
14 days ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Android app was not passing the link through. Only to main login page. Had to copy and paste into a browser that I can change the use agent to desktop. Basically trick the system into thinking I am on a desktop on my android phone.
Hope this helps if there are still spots. Tight lines guys.


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