Saltwater Fishing Reels

Daiwa Fuego: Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Under $100? (With MAGSEAL)

Want to know what the best saltwater spinning reel under $100 is? It's the Daiwa Fugeo and it's largely because of the MAGSEAL. This new tech makes this...
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How To Properly Pair Your Inshore Spinning Rod & Reel

Want to get the most out of your fishing rod and reel? Then you need to pair them up correctly. Check this out to learn what to avoid when choosing a...
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This Is Why Your Drag Is Silent (And How To Fix It)

Want to know why your drag won't click anymore? It's most likely because one of these three reasons. See how to identify and fix them here.
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Spinning Reels vs. Baitcasters: Which Reel Is Best For Inshore Fishing?

The great debate... Spinning Reels vs. Baitcasters. See how these two reels compare when it comes to casting distance, acccuracy, power, and more.
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Quantum Cabo Spinning Reel Review (Top Pros & Cons)

Need a new tarpon reel? Check out this review of the heavy-duty Quantum Cabo and learn the pros, cons, and whether or not this reel is right for you.
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Shimano Sustain Inshore Spinning Reel Review [Top Pros & Cons]

Looking for a new, high-end, inshore spinning reel? Check out this review of the Shimano Sustain and see if it's the right one for you.
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High-Speed vs. Low-Speed Spinning Reels (Pros & Cons Of Each)

Choosing a high-speed vs. low-speed spinning reel could be the difference between landing your new personal best or watching it swim away. See why here.
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Daiwa Exist Spinning Reel Review (Pros, Cons & Unboxing)

Want to learn about one of the best (and most expensive) fishing reels on the market? Check out this unboxing and review of the Daiwa Exist LT. It's got...
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Quantum Smoke S3 Spinning Reel Review (Top Pros & Cons)

Thinking about getting the Quantum Smoke S3 inshore spinning reel? Check out this review and unboxing video to see if this is a good fit for you.
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Tsunami Salt X Spinning Reel Unboxing (Specs, When To Use, & More)

Thinking about getting the Tsunami Salt X spinning reel? Check out this unboxing video and see the specs, best applications to use it, and more.
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Shimano Stradic FL Fishing Reel Review (Top Pros & Cons)

Looking to get a new spinning reel? Check out this review of the Shimano Stradic FL and learn the top pros and cons of it, plus an interesting story about..
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How To Safely Store You Rod & Reel For A Long Period Of Time

Need to store your rod and reel for a prolonged period of time? Do these four steps to make sure that they're not rusting away while in storage.
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The Best Rod & Reel Combo For Inshore Fishing [Price & Performance]

Looking for the best inshore rod and reel combo? I've tested hundreds of rods and reels and in this video, I'm sharing my favorites.
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Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reel: Unboxing, Specs, Comparison

Thinking about getting a new inshore spinning reel? Check out this unboxing of the Shimano Stradic FL, it's specs, and how it compares to the Ci4+.
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How To Clean Your Spinning Reel Drag System (In Just 5 Minutes)

Want to make sure your drag system works like new for a long time? Check out this simple process to clean and maintain it in just 5 minutes.
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