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This page shows a variety of articles and videos covering specific reels for targeting our favorite saltwater fish.

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Full List OF Fishing Reel Reviews & Experiments:

Baitcasting VS. Spinning Reels [What’s The Better Inshore Option?]

What's the better inshore option: Baitcasting VS. Spinning Reels? More importantly, what's best for YOU? Let's discuss the pros and cons...
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Spool Gap: What’s The Impact Of The Amount Of Line On A Reel Spool?

What is the impact of the amount of line on a reel spool? Can you notice the difference between the two reels in the video below??..
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Clearance Sale – Daiwa Fuego Spinning Reels!

BIG NEWS!! We're running a CLOSE-OUT sale of our #1 top-selling spinning reel! Daiwa Fuego Spinning Reels are 20% OFF for a limited time...
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NEW Spinning Reel Breakdown: 13 Fishing AL13 Reel Review

Have you seen the NEW 13 Fishing AL13 Spinning Reel yet? This reel has flown under the radar so I wanted to bring its features to light...
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Basic Spinning Reel Maintenance Tutorial For Beginners

Today's video showcases a basic spinning reel maintenance tutorial for beginners. These are just a few small things you can do to keep...
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How To Choose The Perfect Fishing Reel Based On Needs & Budget

This video is all about how to choose a fishing reel based on needs and budget. We will focus on the two types of reels that are most...
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Unboxing The BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel

This one comes from the Salt Strong Reel Room as we are unboxing the BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel!!! We are beyond PUMPED...
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What’s Inside A Penn DX Reel? (Battle III And Slammer IV Series)

What's inside Penn DX Reels??? Welcome inside the Salt Strong Reel Room where we're breaking down DX reels to learn more about...
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Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel Review (Pros & Cons)

Should YOU buy a Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel? This video is NOT going to be a generic explanation of specs and reading off of the...
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Should I Buy A Penn Spinfisher VI? (Pros & Cons Review)

We're BACK in the Salt Strong Reel Room to take a much closer look at the Penn Spinfisher VI!!! There is so much to get into about the...
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What Spinning Reel Size Is Best For Saltwater Fishing?

This lesson explains what the best spinning reel size is for saltwater fishing based of in you are finesse fishing or power fishing.
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This Is My New Favorite Reel Under the $100 Price Point

What's the best reel under the $100 price point? Inshore saltwater fishing includes a lot of finesse presentations so you need a reel...
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Daiwa Procyon MQ Review (Most Affordable MQ Series Reel)

I'm back in the Salt Strong Reel Room to talk in-depth and discuss the Daiwa Procyon MQ Review! Daiwa recently unveiled this reel at iCast...
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13 Fishing Concept TX 2 Baitcasting Reel NOW In Our Shop!

The 13 Fishing Concept TX 2 Baitcasting Reel is now available in the Salt Strong Tackle Shop! This is innovative and unique...
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Penn Authority Overview (Best Saltwater Reel At iCast 2022)

I got the chance to meet up with Capt. Jot Owens at iCast 2022 to give you guys a Penn Authority Overview! This is a new reel...
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