Basic Spinning Reel Maintenance Tutorial For Beginners

Today’s video showcases a basic spinning reel maintenance tutorial for beginners.

These are just a few small things you can do to keep your spinning reel running smoothly.

This video is not a deep dive into the mechanics of a reel – we will not be taking one apart in this video.

But there are some little things you can do to keep your reel clean and functioning properly.

Take a look!!

Basic Spinning Reel Maintenance Tutorial For Beginners [VIDEO]

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➡Daiwa BG MQ 3000

The reason I leave the interior of the reel to the experts is that you could end up doing more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Also, some reels require specific grease and if you use the wrong one it could lead to further damage.

But here are a few tips to keep the main exterior components of your reel running smoothly.

The reel I am using for this demonstration is the Daiwa BG MQ 3000.

This is a high-quality inshore reel that is great for fishing with artificial lures, live bait, or cut-bait.

The materials you need are a clean cloth or rag, a spray bottle with fresh clean water inside, a small screwdriver, and reel oil.

I prefer to use Lew’s Reel Oil because the bottle design includes a precise applicator on the tip which is super helpful.

The first thing you’ll want to do is get all the loose sand and dirt off of the reel.

I wouldn’t recommend spraying water on the reel directly.

Spray enough water to dampen the rag and lightly wipe down the reel.

This gets rid of any extra salt deposits and sand stuck to the reel.

I highly recommend doing this after every trip.

Then use the dry side of the rag to dry the outside of the reel.

Cleaning The Reel Handle

For most handles, you can unwind off or you have to unscrew the cap on the other side to release the handle.

Either way, take off the cap or bolt on the other side and remove the handle.

You’ll notice there is a small bearing on either side.

Now, take the reel oil and put a small drop on both sides.

You do not want to flood the bearing – emphasis on a SMALL drop.

A little bit of oil goes a long way.

Then, put the handle back together and screw on the cap.

It also doesn’t hurt to put a small dab of oil on the threads inside the handle.

If you fish with a reel that has a joint in the handle, unscrew that piece and place a drop of oil in there as well.

Also, you can do the same where the end of the handle meets the arm.

Place a drop there, spin the handle a bit, and wipe off any excess oil.

Spool Maintenance

Next up, screw off the spool cap and take it off.

When you do remove the spool, be careful not to lose any washers.

Sometimes they get stuck to the bottom of the spool.

Place the spool aside and spin the reel to make sure the shaft is at its highest point.

Put a small drop of oil right on the shaft and reel it a few times to disperse the oil.

Grab the spool that you put to the side and check again for any dirt or debris that might have snuck in there.

If there is anything in there, use a can of compressed air to spray it out.

Over time, that dirt and debris will make its way down the shaft and into the main gear which we want to avoid.

Cleaning The Bail & Roller Bearings

Then I focus on the bail.

Wherever you have a joint that moves, such as on either side of the bail, I would drop some oil in there.

Place a drop of oil on the outside of the screw and then on the joint itself.

Let the oil find its way into the joint.

Open and close the bail a few times to work the oil in there.

Then, wipe off both areas to remove excess oil.

The final step is the roller bearings.

I like to remove the bearing to clean it.

Whenever you do this, make sure you do it on a clean surface and don’t lose any pieces.

Take out the screw and put it somewhere safe so it doesn’t roll off and you lose it.

Remove the roller bearing and you’ll notice there is a tiny gap on the bearing itself.

That is where you want to place a drop of oil.

Another thing to take note of is the surface where your line comes off.

Make sure there is no debris here that will compromise your line.

Any corrosion will quickly tear up your line.

The roller bearing, aside from the rod tip, is where the most pressure is applied directly on the line.

Carefully place the roller bearing back inside the reel.

Put the screw back in and secure that snugly.

One of the last things I’ll do now is just go over all the screws on the reel to make sure they are secure.

You don’t want to overtighten anything but just make sure all screws are nice and snug.

Then, when I go to put the reel back on a fishing rod, I’ll place a tiny drop of oil on either side of the base of the reel.

This keeps the reel from corroding and becoming stuck inside the reel seat of your fishing rod.

All of these little things can help keep your reel clean and help it last longer.

I usually do this about once a month to the reels I regularly use.

Be sure to rinse down your reels with fresh water after every trip using a rag.

➡Daiwa BG MQ 3000

Do you have any other questions regarding reel maintenance?

What are some additional things you do to keep your reels working smoothly?

Please let me know down below in the comments section!!

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Ronald Peedin
4 months ago

good to know

Veda Wray
4 months ago

great video…thank you so much….my reels are way way way overdue a good maintenance check because I was afraid I would mess them up….easy to understand and easy to follow …thx Tony!

Matt Pfeiffer
4 months ago

Thanks, Tony. Good info.

Steven Lantry
4 months ago

The day after watching this video I had a surf reel snap at the spool shaft. I will try adding some oil to help better care for my reels. I do wash them under running water and this may do more harm then good. Typically do not disassemble them and salt gets in. I have never done this maintenance so I will try it. Thanks as always.

Robert Taylor
4 months ago

Great info Tony! Thanks for sharing.

James Claseman
4 months ago

What braid are you using on that reel?

Al Wiedemann
4 months ago

Thanks Tony!

Steven Free
4 months ago

Yes Tony I agree maintanance to ones equipment is crucial unless you have a pocket full of money and you like wasting it by buying new instead of taking care of what you already have well I’m the latter I ALWAYS take care of any equipment I own from my truck to my boat I baby them both but that’s why they last and perform flawlessly every time I need them to and even though im no fixing kind of guy I still perform the daily and needed maintenance on my rods and reels I always flush them after every trip but o ly after about 3 trips do I perform any thing else like cleaning or oiling and because I’m no fix it guy I never take any of my reels apart I did that once a long time ago and was sorry I did anyways great info thanks for all you do👍😉

4 months ago

Reelx is the best option on the market

Stan Mitchell
4 months ago

Great info Tony! Thanks


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