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Pulling Overslot Snook Out From Underneath Docks [Fishing Report]

On a trip not too long ago, Joe and I pulled out some GIANT overslot snook underneath docks and around pilings! The Power Prawn U.S.A...
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I Can’t Believe How This Giant Fish Ate This Lure!!!

How did this GIANT fish eat this lure???This is hands down one of the CRAZIEST eats we have ever seen!!! We don't want to spoil anything...
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Skip Casting Shrimp Lure Under Docks For Redfish And Snook

This fun video shows how much fun skip casting a shrimp lure under docks can be for catching redfish and snook.
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Awesome Snook Catch While Skipping New Lure Under Docks

Just wanted to share a fun snook catch that took place while skipping our new shrimp lure up under some docks. During a recent dock...
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Sight Fishing Snook In The Winter [Insider Report Analysis]

This Insider Report show the exact type of spots to look for in between the cold fronts to get into some fun sight fishing opportunities.
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Sight Fishing Snook In New Areas [On-The-Water Report]

Can you sight fish for snook during the winter in new fishing spots? Check this out to go sight fishing for snook on your next trip...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 10-28-21 [Fall Snook Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log:  0:00:45 – Fly Rod tactics 0:01:50 –...
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Fall Snook Trends and On-The-Water Tactics [Insider Report]

This trip report will be showing trends and tactics for targeting snook in the fall. Definitely stay tuned for the ending with a fun strike...
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How To Catch Snook In Texas (Where, When, & Best Lures)

Can you catch snook in Texas? Yes! Although it's a little more challenging than in other areas so you'll want to know the best ways to...
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Where to Target South Texas Snook [Spot Dissection – South Padre island, Texas]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing where you should be looking for Snook in South Texas. The area shown as an example in...
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How To Quickly Catch An Inshore Slam [New Exploration Trip Report]

See some tips on how to quickly catch an inshore slam when exploring new waters on a short trip under 3 hours long.
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Quick Slam In Tampa Bay – Insider Report Details

See the Insider Report details from the quick slam trip while exploring some new waters in Tampa Bay that recently got hit by red tide.
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The Ultimate Snook Release (Over 2,000 Snook In A Day)!

Have you ever seen 2,000 snook be released into the wild? You'll learn about how these snook are cared for and conditioned. And then...
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“The Snook Book” Review (How To Guarantee You’ll Catch More Snook)

Is this the best snook fishing book ever written? This book has changed the way we fish and has taught us the basic principle of...
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How To Catch Snook Off The Beach During The Summer

Have you ever caught a snook from the beach? You don't need a boat or any fancy equipment, but if you don't know the best...
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