I Can’t Believe How This Giant Fish Ate This Lure!!!


How did this GIANT fish eat this lure???

This is hands down one of the CRAZIEST eats we have ever seen!!!

We don’t want to spoil anything.

Check this out NOW!!!

How Did This Giant Fish Eat This Lure [VIDEO]

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Immediately, this fish TOOK OFF the second it felt hooked.

After towing Justin up the river, he was able to see it was a GIANT SNOOK.

But, Justin noticed something odd about how this fish was hooked.

It was barely hooked.

Somehow, the lure had made its way through the gills of the fish out the side and underneath a pectoral fin.

A wild catch to say the least!!!

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ConclusionBig Snook on Moonwalker (Buttonwood Harbour, FL)

You never know what will be on the end of your line or how it was hooked!

This is one of those catches that you remember for a long time.

Do you have any crazy catch stories of your own?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Pat Ogletree
11 months ago

That was awesome!! What a fish!

George Layton
11 months ago

Congrats on a huge thrill Justin !!! BIGGER Snook, like Bass, instead of striking their prey, will just inhale it !! How that Snook inhaled your Shrimp & passed through it’s gills is AMAZING !!!

11 months ago

I have actually had that happen before.


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