Redfish & Trout Can’t Get Enough Of This Paddletail Lure


Spring is here!!!

As we find ourselves in spring, it is an important time for bait progression and change in fish diets.

If you want to catch more redfish and trout this spring, then you’ve got to check out this paddletail lure!

Learn all about it right here!

Redfish & Trout Paddletail Lure

You always want to take a lay of the land and position yourself correctly with the current and structure around you.

If there is a moving current and you are fishing banks and oyster bars, try to set up so your lure retrieves back to you with the current.

Wind and other factors may make it difficult for you to position exactly where you want to or cast your lure to where you want.

When you go to cast your lure, your line could bow and your lure will be completely out of the target zone.

In that case, try to aim low with the follow-through of your cast and toss your lure out like a line drive.

That will eliminate any bow in your line and prevent wind knots from happening.

The water is beginning to warm this time of the year and the fish are slowly starting to chase down lure presentations.

However, they will most likely opt for the ambush approach and wait for your lure to swim by them where they can quickly snatch it using minimal energy.

The F.R.E.D. Paddletail is a 3.5-inch paddletail that is pink bodied with silver flecks sprinkled throughout the lure.

Especially during this time of year, the water can churn up and become dirty or murky between tides.

The F.R.E.D. provides a nice contrast to murky water while also maintaining the smaller profiles of baitfish that hatch in the spring.

Additionally, the pinkish hue also imitates a shrimp if that is what the fish are keyed in on!

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Redfish & Trout Paddletail Lure [VIDEO]

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F.R.E.D. stands for ‘Fooling Redfish Every Day’.

This lure does in fact FOOL redfish every day and should become a regular item in your tackle box for all seasons.

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Do you have any questions on the best spring redfish and trout paddletail lure?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Ferdinand Alsina
2 years ago

Great video. I have a pack but have not tried them yet up here in Jax. I didn’t think they would work but I should give them a shot. Are you doing an insider report for this trip? Thanks

Angelo Durso
2 years ago

you ain’t kidding Richard, that was a beautiful Redfish. Good tips, thank you. Will work the 3.5″ FRED this next week or so and see how it goes. I have a preference for 5″ lures but maybe I need to be more open-minded to the 3.5″ size.

Steven Free
2 years ago

Yea I tried them and did catch a small red on it but to me here in jax fl where the water is primarily murky about 90 percent of the year for me I have found just about any color paddletail is good as long as it has some chartruese in it whether it be in the tail or on the body itself I have fished jax area saltwater inshore for about 20 years now and have tried and fished many color jigs both paddletails and curly tails as well my favorites being not necessarily in this order root beer gold w chartruese tail chartruese pepper neon Houdini w chartruese tail and new penny w tail dyed chartruese they all work especially in the warmer months when the water is murky otherwise pearl white or opening night works great for me in winter and late fall months but I do plan on using the fred colored paddletail more in the future because I’m always experimenting and trying different colors thanks for the info and all you do😉👍


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