Redfish Fishing Tips

How To Find Redfish On Low Tide (What To Look For)

Here's how to find redfish on low tide... I was out filming an Insider Report in search of redfish, but I was looking in all the wrong...
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Redfish Trends Are Changing!!! Your Summer Tactics Won’t Work Anymore

Redfish trends are changing... We're FASTLY approaching fall which means a period of seasonal transition and bait hatches...
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How To Fish In Areas With Big Tide Swings

How should you fish a big tide swing? What are the indicators of a big tide swing?Learn the answers and more in the video below!!...
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How To Catch Schooling Redfish Using Salt Strong Fishing Lessons

Here's how to catch schooling redfish using Salt Strong Fishing Lessons!! I was out fishing with a fellow Insider Member and we found...
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Redfish Fishing Lure Size Experiment [Fishing Report]

I recently had the opportunity to go out and conduct a redfish lure size experiment! After a slow morning with not much to show for it...
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BOMBER Paddletail Lure Color Test [Gold Digger VS. Slam Shady]

I shook things up and conducted a BOMBER Paddletail lure color test in my last Insider Report! Will the Gold Digger or Slam Shady perform...
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What Is The Best Lure Color For Redfish? [Tests & Results!]

What is the best lure color for redfish? In this series of tests and experiments, I will take two lures and put them in a head-to-head...
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Strike King Redfish Magic VS. Trout Magic [Which One Should You Use?]

So which one should you use: the Strike King Redfish Magic vs Trout Magic? It is not as simple as what is on the packaging...
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How To Trigger Reaction Strikes From Inshore Fish

Some of the most EXCITING fishing is when you're able to trigger reaction strikes from inshore fish!!! I've talked about triggering...
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Should You Match Water Clarity Or Match The Bait? (BOMBER Lure Test) [Insider Report]

In this report, I wanted to try something different and compare two colors against each other. Lately, the larger profile Bomber has been a pretty...
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How To Trick BIG Fish To Bite Using Different BOMBER Paddletail Lures

Can you trick big fish to bite your hook? Does it have to do with lure profile, size, color, or something else??? Find out the answers...
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What To Do When A Fish Is Following Your Topwater Lure

What is the best thing to do when a fish is following your topwater lure but won't quite commit? Sometimes it's just small boils or a...
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Has The Magic Returned? [Mosquito Lagoon Scouting Trip]

On a recent Mosquito Lagoon Scouting Trip, I saw shades of the past GLORY that was Mosquito Lagoon!! The seagrass was TALL and PLENTIFUL!...
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Wading For Redfish At Low Tide (Crazy Sightfishing Action!!!)

I had an INSANE day wading for redfish at low tide last weekend!! My brother and dad joined me for a day of wade fishing and fun down in...
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THIS Is The Best Lure To Search For Schooling Redfish

What is your go-to lure to search for schooling redfish??? It is early but redfish are slowly starting to school up on the flats...
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