Redfish Fishing Tips

The Best Type Of Spot For Winter Redfish

What is the best spot for winter redfish? How do you know where to start looking for these fish in the colder months?...
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How To Apply The 90/10 Fishing Rule In The Winter

What's the trick to applying the 90/10 fishing rule in the winter? What exactly is the 90/10 fishing rule??...
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How To Fish A Flood Tide After A Full Moon

Are there SECRETS to fish a flood tide after a full moon? The day started off with a super low tide but the full moon guaranteed more...
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Fishing With Live Bait & Lures In The Texas Marsh [Fishing Report]

We're fishing with live bait and lures in the Texas marsh in this one!! Our trip to Bay Flats Lodge over in Seadrift, Texas earlier this...
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Crushing GIANT Bull Redfish On Popping Corks [Fishing Report]

It's THIS EASY to catch giant bull redfish on popping corks!! The redfish up in North Carolina are built differently this time of year...
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Wade Fishing After A Full Moon (Will I Get Skunked??)

Will I get skunked if I go wade fishing after a full moon??? I haven't been able to get out to the water in quite a while so a full moon...
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I Pulled A Redfish Out Of The Grass With Our NEW Lure!

I caught a BEAUTIFUL redfish on our NEW lure! The Salt Strong Mulligan is coming SO soon!!! We can't wait for you all to start crushing...
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Where To Sight Fish For Redfish In The Winter

Here's where to sight fish for redfish in the winter! I finally got to fish in an area that I've been wanting to fish for a long time...
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Hunting Redfish (PRO TIPS)

From now until the end of the year, we at Salt Strong are strategically planning some pretty HUGE things for our Insider Club Members for...
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How To Catch Bull Redfish In Louisiana [Tips, Mistakes, & More]

What are the secret ways to catch big BULL redfish in Louisiana?? We're out with Capt. Hollywood on this trip looking for BAIT SLICKS...
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Drone Captures Popping Cork Feeding Frenzy at Bay Flats Lodge

Last month down in Texas at the Bay Flats Lodge, my drone captured a Popping Cork Feeding Frenzy! Our entire experience at Bay Flats Lodge...
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Targeting Bull Redfish 101 [Baits, Handling, & More]

In this video, we’re going over Targeting BULL Redfish 101!!! The goal should be to target and catch a bull redfish nearly every time you...
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How To Catch The Biggest Fish Out Of A School

Is it possible to catch the BIGGEST fish from a school?? I think it's safe to say, we all pretty much want to catch the biggest fish out...
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I Won A Redfish Tournament Thanks To This Added Boost

I won a redfish tournament just a couple of weeks ago thanks to THIS! An absolute tank of a redfish came up and swiped my lure and took off...
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The Best Live Bait Hooks For Catching Redfish

What are the best live bait hooks for redfish?? Is there ever a time when you would not use a circle hook? Would you ever need a hook...
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