Best Lure For BIG Flounder? (THIS beat GULP! in recent test)

What is the BEST lure for BIG flounder??? Our fishing team was all having a conversation about our personal best flounders and...
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How To Catch Winter Redfish, Seatrout, & Flounder In St. Augustine, FL [Spot Dissection]

In this video, I will show you where to find fish during the winter in Saint Augustine, Florida. I cover Redfish, Seatrout, and Flounder, where...
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How To Catch Flounder Like A Pro

Here's how to catch flounder like a PRO with John Skinner!!! Due to the effects of Hurricane Ian, we weren't able to record new episodes...
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How To Find Early Fall Flounder (Top 3 Types Of Spots)

RIGHT NOW is an excellent time to scan some marshes to find early fall flounder!! Late summer moving into early autumn is one of...
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Where To Find Late Summer & Fall Flounder (Plus How To Catch Them)

Where should you look for late summer and early fall flounder? What are the best lures to use to target flounder? Find out...
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THIS Is The Best Live Bait For Flounder Fishing

Have you uncovered the best live bait for flounder yet? If you want to catch more flounder using live bait this summer, then you've got to...
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Using Smart Fishing Spots To Catch Redfish & Flounder

You've got to see how I'm using Smart Fishing Spots to catch redfish, flounder, and more!!! By now, you've probably heard of Smart Fishing...
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These Are The Best Lures For Summer Flounder

We're talking about the best lures for summer flounder in this one!! Summer is a popular time of the year for anglers to head out and...
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Super Sneaky Flounder Lure That Has Been Crushing It

Catch more flounder this summer using this super sneaky flounder lure! Flounder are a popular target for lots of anglers, especially...
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Flounder & Fluke Fishing Tips, Rigs, & Stories With John Skinner

We've got John Skinner on the podcast today talking flounder and fluke fishing tips! Flounder, or Fluke as they are called up North, are...
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This Tackle MISTAKE Helped Me Catch More Flounder

We all make mistakes, but little did I know THIS tackle mistake helped me catch more flounder!!! This is a fun story that might just help...
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#1 Lure For Big Flounder In The Springtime

Do you think you have an idea of what the best lure for big flounder in spring is?Finding the right lure to use for targeting big flounder...
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What You Need To Find The Best Flounder Fishing Spots

Want to find the best flounder fishing spots? Capt. C.A. Richardson tells you what to look for to find the best flounder fishing spots FAST!
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Winter Inshore Slam To Bring In The New Year [On-The-Water Report]

Are you still searching for your first inshore slam of the new year? If so, then check out this winter inshore slam report for more tips...
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Easiest Way To Target Fall Flounder in Marsh Systems

Where and when should you target flounder this fall? The flounder are starting to move out of marsh systems and into larger bodes of water...
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