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This page shows a variety of articles and videos covering saltwater fishing rods for targeting our favorite inshore fish.

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The Slot Machine vs. TFO Pro S Combo [Pros & Cons]

Slot Machine VS. TFO Pro S Combo – what’s right for YOU?! This video will explain the pros and cons of the two rod, reel,...
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The Must-Have Fishing Rod EVERYONE Needs In Their Arsenal

What is the must-have fishing rod EVERYONE needs in their arsenal of gear? As inshore anglers, we never really know what we'll run...
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One-Year Review Of The Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Fishing Rod Series

After 12 months of on-the-water use, here's the Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Rod ONE-YEAR REVIEW! If you've seen my videos in the past...
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Travel Light, Catch BIG Fish: TFO Traveler Spinning Rod Introduction

Introducing the TFO Traveler Spinning Rod that has recently hit the Salt Strong Tackle Shop! This is a high-end travel rod from TFO that...
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Top 3 Fishing Rod Mistakes To Avoid (How To Protect Your Gear)

This video focuses on the top 3 fishing rod mistakes to avoid! As an angler, your fishing rod is the #1 most important piece of your...
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The Salt Strong Slot Machine Custom Rod IS HERE!!!

The Salt Strong Slot Machine Custom Rod IS FINALLY HERE!! This is a custom rod that we've been working on for quite some time now...
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Cashion Element Inshore VS. TFO Pro S Spinning Rod (What’s The Difference?)

In this week's Tackle Talk, we're comparing the Cashion Element Inshore VS. TFO Pro S Spinning Rod to find out which rod is the best fit...
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Cashion Element Inshore Spinning Rod Review (Pros & Cons)

Don't miss the Cashion Element Inshore Spinning Rod Review! Cashion Rods builds some of the highest-quality inshore...
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How To Check Quality Control On A Rod Blank (Slot Machine Blank Analysis)

We're at Mudhole Custom Tackle for a Slot Machine Blank Analysis!! Today's video is all about the SLOT MACHINE...
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The Best Inshore Saltwater Fishing Rod Ever???

We just designed the BEST inshore saltwater fishing rod. Salt Strong teamed up with Mudhole Custom Fishing Rods to bring you a new...
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Cashion ICON Inshore Casting Series Fishing Rod Review

We got the chance to speak with Dr. Matthew Cashion and dive deeper into a Cashion ICON Inshore Casting Series!! Cashion Rods take the...
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Fitzgerald Stunner HD Series Fishing Rod Overview

We met up with Ben Stein over at Fitzgerald Rods to learn more about their Fitzgerald Stunner HD Rod!! We had an absolute blast at iCast...
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TFO Professional Series VS. Tactical Inshore [Spinning Rod Comparison]

What is the difference between the TFO Professional VS Tactical Inshore fishing rods?We get this question a lot and we had the chance to...
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Toadfish Stowaway Travel Fishing Rod Review

Toadfish travel rods are NOW in our tackle shop! Have you ever fished with a Toadfish fishing rod before? Learn more about this awesome...
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In-Depth Analysis Of Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Series Rods

Our team has been fishing with Fitzgerald Fishing Custom Rods and we've been impressed!!! The quality and attention to detail are...
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