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Looking for tips on catching redfish?

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Otherwise, scroll below to see the latest fishing tips that’ll help you catch redfish:

Redfish Fishing Tips:

Spring Tactics For Redfish Pt. 1 : Pre-Frontal [Insider Report]

Tune in for the 1st in a series of 3 reports detailing springtime tactics for targeting reds around unpredictable and changing fronts!
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How to Retrieve Soft Plastic Jerk Baits For Redfish

It’s jerk bait time! In this video, Inshore Fishing Coach Tony Acevedo will be showing you his preferred methods of retrieving soft plastic jerk baits...
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Winter Sightfishing Trip For Redfish, Seatrout, and Black Drum [On-The-Water Trip Report]

This trip was one for the books! Some fun sight fishing opportunities with some quality fish. Started out as a pretty cold day but the...
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Winter Trends and Patterns For Redfish [On-The-Water Report]

This trip report will be discussing ideal areas to target redfish in the winter to dial in a pattern. Quick Details: Craft: Hobie Outback Pedal...
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Wade Fishing For Redfish & Trout After A Severe Cold Front

Wondering if wade fishing can be good after a severe cold front, then be sure to check out this new on-the-water fishing tip video.
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Deep Water Tactics For Bull Redfish [Insider Report: On-The-Water Tactics + Map Analysis]

On this trip I was still in pursuit of bull redfish. This report will show tactics for targeting them in deeper water. Quick Details: Craft:...
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Pre-Spawn Bull Red Tactics [Insider Report Tactics + Map Analysis]

On this trip report I went back for redemption on some large redfish I had found a week prior. Having the right bait was key!...
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Tailing Redfish 3-Day Case Study [Insider Report]

In this Insider Report, I studied schools of tailing reds for 3 days to learn their feeding windows, preferred prey, and much more! Check it out here!
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Top 3 Fishing Lures That Catch Bass AND Redfish

Want to know what lures can catch both bass and inshore saltwater fish? Check out this video to see what they are, as well as the best colors and...
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How To Rig Cut Bait For Bull Redfish & Big Black Drum (In Any Depth)

Want to catch more bull redfish and big black drum? Cut bait is one of the best baits for these fish, so check out these three rigs to rig up cut bait.
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Reds On The New Alabama Leprechaun [Insider Report Map Analysis + On The Water Tips]

On this trip I put our new lure the Alabama Leprechaun to the test and it didn’t disappoint! I will be discussing the type of...
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New Redfish Lure Designed For Getting Strikes In Calm, Shallow Flats

Do you think you can only catch spooky fish on live or cut bait? If so, check out this new lure and learn how to catch fish in calm, clear water with it.
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How To Use Topwater Lures To Catch Redfish & Trout

Want to catch more redfish and trout on topwater? Learn everything you need to know about topwater lures here, including how redfish and trout like to...
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Top 2 Lures For Redfish, Trout & Snook This Spring

Want to catch more fish this spring? These two proven lures can help. Simplifying your fishing tackle is a great way to focus on what really matters and...
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Targeting Trophy Redfish w/ Captain Peter Deeks [Mini-Course]

It’s trophy redfish time! In this mini-course,  Salt Strong Fishing Coach Captain Peter Deeks is going to go over his best tips and tactics for...
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