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Looking for tips on catching redfish?

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Otherwise, scroll below to see the latest fishing tips that’ll help you catch redfish:

Redfish Fishing Tips:

Fall Redfish Trends + Massive Tarpon on the Flats [Insider Report]

Fall is approaching and the fish are hungry! In this trip report you will see some tips and tactics I used for early fall fishing!...
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Targeting Bull Redfish In Passes and Inlets in the Fall

It’s Bull Red time! Late Summer/Early Fall can be prime time to start targeting bull redfish. Inlets and passes are going to be one of...
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How To Catch Big Redfish At The Jetties (Setup and Target Zones)

Do you love to fish at the jetties and land big redfish? You can catch quality reds around this type of structure but if you don't have...
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How To Quickly Catch An Inshore Slam [New Exploration Trip Report]

See some tips on how to quickly catch an inshore slam when exploring new waters on a short trip under 3 hours long.
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Quick Slam In Tampa Bay – Insider Report Details

See the Insider Report details from the quick slam trip while exploring some new waters in Tampa Bay that recently got hit by red tide.
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This Is The #1 Spot To Find Redfish During The Summer

Want to know the #1 spot to consistently catch redfish throughout the hottest months of summer? There are 3 things that you'll need...
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The Secrets To Catching Redfish On The Flats With Cut Bait

Want to get on some big redfish on the flats? If you have not used cut bait, then you'll need to know this simple rig and the best way...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 7-22-21 [Redfish Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log:  • 0:04:32 – Setting your hook •...
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How To Find & Fish Redfish Highways Using Cut Mullet

Do you know how to find the redfish highway? And do you know the best strategy to catch redfish quickly when you find it? There's one...
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Best Water Depths To Target Redfish Year Round Like A Pro

Are you fishing the right water depths to target redfish? Depending on where you are fishing, what time of year it is, and the types of...
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How To Sight Fish For Snook, Trout, & Redfish Like A Pro

Are you new to sight fishing or just want to improve your sight fishing game? Sight fishing is so rewarding but you need to know these...
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This Is How To Use A Paddletail When Sight Fishing For Redfish

Do you love to sight cast for redfish? There's nothing more exciting then seeing a tailing redfish, casting to it, and hooking up, but if...
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How To Catch Redfish With Spoons (Best Retrieve, Conditions, & Colors)

Have you tried using spoons for catching redfish when conditions were less than ideal? Spoons can be a great lure to attract picky fish but...
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Redfish Sight Fishing Tactics and Spots [Insider Report]

On this trip report we will be discussing some tips for locating and sight fishing to redfish in the summer. Quick Details: Craft: Hobie Outback...
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Best Summer Redfish Lures (Plus Where & When To Use Them)

Are you excited to target redfish this summer? When the weather starts to heat up, so does the redfish bite so make sure you have these...
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