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Looking for tips on catching redfish?

Well, then you could greatly benefit from our exclusive online “Redfish Mastery” course which contains a structured video-based course that covers every shortcut to catching redfish you can imagine (even if you don’t have a boat).

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Otherwise, scroll below to see the latest fishing tips that’ll help you catch redfish:

Redfish Fishing Tips:

Epic Redfish Double-Up Even With Airboats Buzzing The Flat!

An Insider Member and I got into an EPIC Redfish Double-Up even with airboats buzzing the flat! Typically, that would be a quick and easy...
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The 2 Most Important Factors When Targeting Redfish In Winter

These are the 2 MOST important factors when targeting redfish in winter! Are you struggling to catch redfish right now?!...
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Lazy Man’s Way To Redfish (SEMINAR)

Here's the Lazy Man's Way To Redfish!!! What's better than the SLAM and FIGHT from a monster bull redfish? Can't think of anything?...
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Top 3 Deadly Flats Fishing Mistakes In Shallow Water

Are you making any of these 3 Flats Fishing MISTAKES in shallow water??? It's likely been costing you fish this fall and definitely will...
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Expert Tips For Locating Redfish ANYWHERE

Closely follow these expert tips for locating redfish ANYWHERE! Capt. Ryan Rickard is a Bassmaster Redfish Cup Champion so he knows a thing or two...
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The NEW Ultimate Redfish Course Has Arrived!!!

The NEW Ultimate Redfish Course is FINALLY HERE!!! This course has been in the works for well over six months. Hosted by the Legendary...
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Redfishing With Live Mullet [Ultimate Redfish Course Sneak Peek!]

Redfishing with live mullet is one of the best ways to get on INSANE bites! Finger mullet are typically wherever redfish are and redfish...
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Dock Fishing For Redfish [Ultimate Redfish Course Sneak Peek!]

Dock fishing for redfish can be absolutely EPIC! You've just got to know what to look for. Before we release the NEW...
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The Ultimate Redfish Course [COMING SOON!]

The Ultimate Redfish Course is COMING SOON! We've been working a LONG time on this course. Back in mid-2022, Capt. Peter Deeks approached...
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10 Deadly Redfish MISTAKES!

These are 10 DEADLY redfish mistakes anglers consistently make that shut down their success! If you're an inshore saltwater angler and...
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Redfish Mulligan Lure Experiment: Will Lure Color Matter?

I hit the water on a cloudy morning with the tide coming in to conduct a Redfish Mulligan Lure Experiment! Does lure color matter...
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Piecing Together Clues To Find Inshore Fish In Super Skinny Water

This trip was all about piecing together clues to find inshore fish in SUPER skinny water in the Chassahowitzka River! I have never fished...
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Reeling In An Inshore Slam On Our New Lure During Insider Meetup

During a recent Insider Meetup on the East Coast of Florida, I reeled in an inshore slam on our NEW LURE!!! If you missed the announcement...
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How To Find Big Schools Of Redfish In The Spring

I made a trip down to fish in the Everglades to find big schools of redfish in the spring!! Springtime is a popular time of the year...
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Finding Feeding Fish In Panama City, Florida After Spring Rains

We're here finding feeding fish in Panama City, Florida after a storm passed through the day before! The water was a bit dark and stained...
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