Top 3 Deadly Flats Fishing Mistakes In Shallow Water

Are you making any of these 3 Flats Fishing MISTAKES in shallow water???

It’s likely been costing you fish this fall and definitely will during winter.

Correct this issue NOW before it’s too late!!!

Top 3 Deadly Flats Fishing Mistakes In Shallow Water [VIDEO]

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The #1 flats fishing mistake is making too much noise.

You need to cautiously approach the fish so as not to spook them off.

Second, don’t make bad casts that will only hurt your chances of hooking into fish.

On a recent trip, I found a school of solid fish but they were quickly bouncing around the flat.

I’d have to chase them down, make a few casts, and then regroup to follow them as they swam off.

It took about 10 casts until I finally hooked into a fish.

It felt like I was never going to get a good shot at these fish.

Every time I stopped to make a cast, the wind pushed me out of range.

Turns out this was a bigger fish than I thought.

The third big mistake I see when anglers fight big fish is not lifting their rod up when fish dive beneath their vessel.

Don’t raise the rod tip up.

Instead, lift the back of the rod and dip the rod tip into the water.

Big fish get big for a reason.

When you alert them to your presence they will enter protection mode and stop feeding.

Stay as quiet as possible and be as accurate as you can with your casts.


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Steven Free
5 months ago

Yea I tell you pat it must be a new millenium thing and that is people playing loud music while fishing inshore expecting to do good well anybody that seriously fishes and that is fresh or salt you try and be as quite as possible and that noise travels faster and clearer in water then in air I have seen alot of guys with fancy expensive flats skiff fishing with there stereo on not getting a bump I try and stay away from idiots like that because obviously they more then lack common sence they just don’t have any at all and as far as casting goes I usually dont cast as far as guys or gals in central or south fl because obviously you need to because the water is so clear unlike here in northeast fl where the water is murky about 85 percent of the year that is until full winter sets in then all the algae dies off because the water is getting colder and the water gets a bit clearer not as clear as central and South fl but much clearer then the warmer summer months and early fall but my casts are usually pretty accurate and I don’t spook alot of fish some but no body’s perfect anyways I see your point but maybe thats because you and me are old school and think with our minds instead of like the new milleniums that use Google to think for them anyways I know you know what I mean thanks for the truth in your tips and info and all you do😉👍


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