fishing captains collective
May 23rd, 2019

Interviewing The Most Interesting Fishing Captains In America…

Ever wanted to get inside the brain of some of the best (and most interesting) fishing guides? Well, now you can… Hunter Leavine, Josh Wells, Austin Reinhardt, and Hunter’s dad, Capt. Chip Leavine, have created a “fishing podcast dedicated to gathering wisdom, knowledge, and stories from captains and other industry leaders” and put it all

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best jig heads for saltwater fishing
May 22nd, 2019

How To Pick Out The Best Jig Heads (In A Busy Tackle Store)

Have you ever been shopping for jig heads? If you have, then you’ve probably seen the endless amount of different jig head options… Holy Jig Head Overwhelm!!! Here are just a few of the things you’ll find in most tackle stores: Different jig head brands… Different jig head sizes and designs… Different jig head colors…

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May 21st, 2019

This Is How You Catch Huge Tarpon At Night (With Peter Miller & Capt. Kleppinger)

It’s tarpon time! You know what’s even better than catching a tarpon? A tarpon doubleheader! It’s a beautiful scene of chaos with lots of rod-bending, drag-screaming action, all while trying not to get tangled with your fellow anglers. To get an up close and personal view of what it’s like during a tarpon doubleheader, check

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get new people fishing
May 21st, 2019

The Path To 60 Million Anglers In America…

Alright Salt Strong Nation, it’s time to put on your superhero capes because we’re about to save America’s fisheries! How are we going to do that? That’s a great question and I’m glad you asked! We’ve got Liz Ogilvie, the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at American Sportfishing Association on the podcast today to

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how to rig a shrimp weedless
May 20th, 2019

How To Rig A Shrimp Weedless (Quick & Easy Way)

It’s shrimp rigging time! Nearly every species of fish will eat a live shrimp… And nearly every species of fish likes to ambush prey from the cover of structure… But when you try to freeline a live shrimp in heavy structure like trees or docks, they often get snagged, causing you to lose your hook

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best day to fish fort myers
May 17th, 2019

Best Fishing Tips Of The Week: Salt Strong Newsletter (May 19, 2019)

Happy Sunday! Were you able to enjoy this beautiful springtime weather and get out on the water this week? The fishing has been great! And don’t just take my word for it… Strike Score says so! Note: want to access Strike Score? Check out our Insider club here. As always, to help you catch more

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how to land your dream job in fishing industry
May 17th, 2019

How To Land Your Dream Job (In The Fishing Industry)

Can you honestly say to yourself, “I have my dream job”? If not, this podcast episode is for you! Quick story: We’re not hiring. We’re busy, growing, and everyone is busting their butts, but there are currently no open positions… However, this young man recently knocked our socks off so much that we had to

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boat prop maintenance
May 15th, 2019

How To Remove A Boat Prop (To Grease & Check For Fishing Line)

It’s boat propeller maintenance time! And if you think routine boat maintenance isn’t as fun a topic as catching bull redfish on topwater… Maybe you’re right! But regular maintenance is what saves you money and keeps you out on the water (and catching those bull reds), so you gotta do it! We brought back the

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ocean and fishery conservation
May 14th, 2019

“Fishing, Gone?” How To Protect Our Fisheries For Generations To Come

Have you ever considered whether fishing is a privilege or a right? Do you have a right to fish the waters in your backyard, or is it a privilege? If you consider that people in some other countries need to work every day to feed their families and don’t have time to take days off…

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best day to go fishing
May 13th, 2019

The BEST DAY For You To Go Fishing (New Tool)

One of the biggest problems with fishing is not knowing what day (or tide) is going to be best in your area… And to make matters worse, you’ve got to download and reference multiple apps or websites just to get all of the relevant data you need to make an educated guess such as weather,

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live shrimp on a popping cork
May 10th, 2019

Best Fishing Tips Of The Week: Salt Strong Newsletter (May 12, 2019)

Happy Mother’s Day! A HUGE thank you to all of the mothers out there, without whom none of us would be here. We appreciate you! We had an awesome week here at Salt Strong, catching fish and sharing helpful tips, but the coolest thing was… We finally introduced Strike Score! What’s Strike Score, you ask?

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how to end anxiety attacks
May 10th, 2019

3 Secrets To Conquer Anxiety Attacks In 30 Days Or Less (Without Drugs)

Do you want to OWN your anxiety attacks (instead of them owning you)? Want to know the 3 secrets to finally conquering your anxiety? Then you’re not going to want to miss a minute of this hard-hitting video. Here’s the deal: Two weeks ago, I shared my story of dealing with severe (and debilitating) anxiety

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where did the name goliath grouper come from
May 9th, 2019

Top 5 Myths About How The “Jewfish” Got Its Name

Why do some people call them “jewfish,” while others call them “goliath grouper”? Well, jewfish isn’t just a nickname for this massive fish, it used to be its official name. In the spring of 2001, a group of scientists successfully petitioned to have the official name of the fish changed from “jewfish” to “Goliath grouper.”

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choosing the right size jig head
May 8th, 2019

Do You Know How to Choose the Right Size Jig Head for Each Lure? (VIDEO)

Do you know how to choose the right size jig head for the soft plastics you’re using? If not, that could be the difference between an inshore slam and getting skunked. Choosing the right size jig head is incredibly important, and we’re not talking about jig head weight here… We’re talking about the hook shank

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plano tackle bag box
May 7th, 2019

New Plano Tackle Bag Review [Top Pros & Cons]

It’s double review time! I’ve had my tackle bag for about four years and it’s served me very well. However, I recently had to retire it and get it a new one. In this review, I’m reviewing both my old and my new Plano tackle bags. And since we’re not affiliated with Plano or any

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fishing captains license
May 7th, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Captain’s License

O Captain! My Captain! Have you ever considered getting your captain’s license? For someone who doesn’t have their license, the task can seem daunting. How much does it cost? What is the test like? Lucky for you, one of our Insiders, Capt. Thom Ray, recently got his captain’s license. In this podcast episode, he talks

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how to rig a shrimp on a popping cork
May 6th, 2019

How To Rig A Shrimp Under A Popping Cork Like A Pro

You know that feeling… When you’re fishing with a popping cork… And all of a sudden it disappears! Then you’ve got about half a second before your rod doubles over and your reel starts screaming. The thrill of seeing a strike happen before feeling it makes fishing with popping corks an exciting way to fish.

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offshore gag grouper hubbards marina
May 3rd, 2019

Best Fishing Tips Of The Week: Salt Strong Newsletter (May 5, 2019)

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Hope you’ve had a great day full of tacos and guacamole. And if you want those tacos to be fish tacos… Check out the tips below! We’ve got the exclusive Insider tips, the public tips, and the Salt Strong Podcast. Enjoy! (P.S. Want to see exactly where to fish and what

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deep sea fishing for grouper
May 3rd, 2019

Deep Sea Fishing Mistakes…(Are You Making These?)

It’s deep sea fishing time! After back to back 12-hour days of offshore fishing with Capt. Dylan Hubbard and his crew, I have a newfound respect for guys who do this every day for a living. It’s hard work! Between the two-hour boat ride out and back, bruises from the rod butt jamming in my

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how to organize fishing tackle equipment
May 2nd, 2019

Fishing Tackle Man Cave: How Fishing Guides Stay Organized

I don’t know about you… But when I get the chance to go fishing I want to spend most of my time actually FISHING! I don’t want to spend hours trying to find my tackle and boating gear. I want to maximize my time out on the water. And to do that, being organized is

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snook restoration
May 1st, 2019

Did Scientists Find The Key To Restoring The Snook Population?

If you’ve ever heard your reel scream… Or felt your rod double over when a snook hits your bait… There’s a very high chance that snook is your favorite species to target. They’re big, strong, and acrobatic. It’s no wonder they have a cult-like following. But they’re also sensitive. In 2010 the snook population was

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monster offshore amberjack fishing
April 30th, 2019

MONSTER AMBERJACK (& Grouper) On Hubbard’s Marina Party Boat

Pa-POW! It’s not often that you see a fish this strong… We went offshore fishing with Capt. Dylan Hubbard and his crew recently and got into some huge fish. Check out the video below to watch some monster amberjack and grouper fishing. Enjoy! Monster AJ & Grouper [VIDEO] Pretty awesome, huh! Definitely the biggest amberjack

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catch big fluke
April 30th, 2019

Fluke Fishing Mastery (With John Skinner)

It’s fluke time! Aka flounder… Aka summer flounder… Aka one of the most delicious fish out there! We’ve got big news today… But before we talk about that, we’ve got John Skinner back on the podcast! John Skinner is the fluke master and Steven Spielberg of underwater fish filming. He’s got hours of filming fluke

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redfish migration
April 29th, 2019

How To PREDICT Redfish & Speckled Trout Migration

If you want to catch more fish, there’s one thing you need to know… How fish react to various weather patterns. For instance, do you know what fish do when a cold front passes through? What do they do when it’s really hot out? In this video, I’ll give you tips to catch fish in

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