Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [1-21-21]

It’s Inner Circle time! The live call will be on Thursday, from noon until 1:00 (Eastern), and you can access the webinar page by clicking...
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Winter Wade Fishing For Redfish & Speckled Trout (TX Insider Report)

Want some tips on wade fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish in the wintertime? Check out this new Insider Report from Corpus Christi, TX!
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How To Retrieve A Shrimp Jig (When Fishing Docks)

Want to catch more fish using shrimp jigs under docks? Retrieving them correctly is one of the most important keys to doing so because it...
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How To Stop Gut Hooking Fish With Circle Hooks (2 Tips)

Are you gut hooking fish, even though you're using circle hooks? There are two reasons that likely happens. You're either using the wrong...
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Best Weighted Hooks For Inshore Saltwater Fishing

Want to know what the best weighted hooks for inshore fishing are? Weighted hooks are perfect for rigging lures in shallow water because...
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Daiwa Fuego, BG, Procyon, & Ballistic Reels Are Back In Stock!

The long-awaited Daiwa reels are back in stock. This video shows the models we have in stock along with their respective pros and cons.
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How To Catch Trout & Redfish In The Winter (Between Cold Fronts)

Want to catch more trout and redfish between cold fronts? These fish are up in the shallows now, so look for sandy potholes and throw a...
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Finding Ideal Spots to Fish From Shore [Spot Dissection Lesson – Saint Joseph Bay, FL]

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be discussing how to find ideal inshore spots to fish from shore. The area shown as an example...
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How To Maintain Your Trolling Motor Battery (Simple Maintenance Plan)

Want to stop your trolling motor from going out on you at the wrong time? This simple maintenance plan will prevent your trolling motor from...
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How To Switch Your Spinning Reel Handle From One Side To The Other

Want to change the side that your spinning reel handle is on? It's easy, but if you try to remove the handle the wrong way, you could damage...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Evan Sullivan

Do you remember your best redfish day ever? This Insider member guided his friend to his best redfish day ever and he's even been on...
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Gulp Shrimp vs. LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp (Scent vs. Sight Tests)

Does scent or sight matter more when using shrimp lures? I tested out Gulp Shrimp vs. LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp and what I found was that...
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Weekend Game Plan Lesson [January 15th to 17th]

See the fishing game plan based on the latest feeding trends and the upcoming weather during this post-new moon weekend.
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How To Catch Speckled Trout (In ANY State)

Want to catch more speckled trout? No matter where you fish, all trout want 2 things: to eat and to not be eaten. And if you apply that to...
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Winter Trends and Patterns For Redfish [On-The-Water Report]

This trip report will be discussing ideal areas to target redfish in the winter to dial in a pattern. Quick Details: Craft: Hobie Outback Pedal...
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