Fighting and Handling Fish

Here’s the full guide to properly fighting gamefish and how to properly handle them, for either release or harvest.

Safe Fish Handling Techniques (To Take The BEST Fishing Picture)

You should ALWAYS be practicing safe fish handling techniques whenever you need to touch a live fish. Of course, some fish you will want...
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You’ve Got To See These Sharks Chase Down Cobia!!!

INSANE COBIA BITE!! You can’t miss these bull sharks chase down cobia! Check it out here! Sharks Chase Down Cobia [VIDEO] That is what fishing...
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How To Fish Depth Contours To Catch Speckled Trout

How should you set yourself up to properly fish depth contours to catch speckled trout? The keys to fishing depth contours are...
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This Is What To Look For When You Are Fishing Points

Are you struggling to identify where the fish may be if you are fishing around a point? Points are some of the best fishing spots because...
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Epic Big Seatrout Bite Captured On Film [Exploration Trip]

Trout fishing can be a blast! It is all about sticking to the current trends and finding those pockets of bait as well as...
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How To Stop Losing Fish At The Boat (5 Simple Tips)

Sick of losing fish at the boat? It's all about keeping pressure on them and in this video, you'll learn what mistakes anglers make that let fish get off.
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YakAttack Leverage Landing Net Review (Top Pros & Cons)

Looking for a new landing net? If you fish by yourself, you might want to try the YakAttack Leverage Landing Net. Check out the full review here.
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Bubba Fishing Net Review (Top Pros, Cons & Tips)

Looking to get a new fishing net? See the top pros and cons of the Bubba Net, as well as some tips for using nets to land fish in general.
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