How To Fix THIS Common Costly Fish Fighting Mistake

Stop making this costly fish fighting mistake that could be losing you fish!!

One of the worst things that can happen is you fight and reel a fish all the way up to your boat for the hook to pull and that fish swims off and out of there.

This, unfortunately, happened to me on a recent trip.

Here’s what happened and what I should have done!!

Costly Fish Fighting Mistake [VIDEO]

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I knew I hooked into a solid redfish right along the grass line once it started pulling drag.

But it got off the hook right next to my kayak.

At one point or another, we’ve all felt a similar feeling before.

And if I was fishing in a tournament, who knows if that could’ve been the fish to take home first place.

So what did I do wrong???

If you pay closer attention to the video, the rod tip was bent but did not have much more give in it.

Meaning there was no more flex for the rod to give.

Moreover, because I was fishing with braided line, there is no stretch or give in braided line.

My knots were solid and did not break.

Ultimately, the weakest connection was the hook in the fish’s mouth.

So when that redfish made its final surge to shake the hook, it broke free of that connection.

To avoid making this same mistake, loosen up the drag on your reel when the fish is close to your boat or kayak.

Just a single click or two on the drag.

When the fish is close to your vessel and you are fishing with braided line, a slightly looser drag provides that give to the line in case the fish makes a last-second run.

That way the hook stays connected to the fish’s mouth.

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Robby Creech
1 year ago

I’d also like to know in lbs. how much drag you run. King fishing we put weights on the end of rod and set drags accordingly to line strength and type of hooks used.

Bob Cochran
1 year ago

Hey Pat, how tight do you normally set your drag when you’re fishing weed lines and oyster beds like that with say, 10lb braid, 15lb leader? Do you actually measure with a gauge or a weight, or just go by feel?

Darrell Epps
1 year ago

Amazing how something as simple is loosening the drag a couple of clicks when you are getting the fish close to your boat or kayak can be the difference between landing and losing your fish!! Great guidance! Thanks!

David LaValley
1 year ago

I never really hear people talk about the proper way to net a fish. I like your advice here, thanks. One other thing I was taught long ago is to always scoop the net from the head of the fish (basically like they are swimming into the net). Chasing the fish from the tail can get them to run and break off.

Terry McLaughlin
1 year ago

Thanks Pat. I will TRY to remember this advice but if I have a fish that size on, it will be difficult. 🤣🤣. Thanks again Pat for your great videos

Steven Free
1 year ago

While I have had that problem before when fishing in a yak none to speak of now that for the last 10 years I have fished from a skiff I believe because you are lower in the water on a yak that problem can happen versus a boat where you have more control and are higher especially if your fishing from a slightly raised casting platform that my skiff has but thanks for the advice and all you do😉👍

1 year ago

All around good fishing advice! Thanks…now it is just rembering to do it. ( Pat, I use a 10 lb
wt similar to your 5 lb. What conditions do you use your anchor? Thanks


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