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Inshore Wake Bait Showdown: KVD vs NEW Prototype

We’ve been working on our own proprietary Wake Bait behind the scenes. With Coach Matt’s repeated success on the KVD Wake Bait, we had to...
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Surrounded By Tailing Redfish [Major Keys To Unlocking The Bite!]

While fishing the Florida Redfish Series Tournament in Panama City, I was surrounded by tailing redfish! This is exactly what you hope...
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Salt Strong Sweeps The Podium On Tournament Day After Delayed Start

With only 3 hours to secure first place after a delayed start, I had my work cut out for me. But that also meant we got an extra hour to...
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Kayak Angler Takes On Massive Nearshore Beasts!

We're taking on MASSIVE nearshore beasts yet again! This time with only TWO rods in the back. Trolling for blackfin tuna was absolutely...
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What To Do When You See Redfish Tailing Everywhere!

While fishing the Florida Redfish Series Tournament in Panama City, I came across dozens of tailing redfish! This is exactly what you hope to see...
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Do Popping Corks Really Get More Strikes? [Corks VS. Jigheads]

Do popping corks get more strikes? I hit the water to find out. With the same lure, will a popping cork get more strikes than a jighead?...
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Starting The Year Off With A Bang – First Place Tournament Win 2024

This trip ended with a BANG to start my 2024 tournament season on a high note! Along with the rest of the Plastic Navy, we...
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Chasing Down Nearshore Blackfin Tuna In A Kayak

We drove through the entire night to chase down nearshore blackfin tuna from kayaks! This is a bucket list fish for me that I've...
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Why You Should Follow The Birds To Find The Fish

Follow the birds to find the fish!!! Birds are a quick indicator of bait in an area. And where there's bait, there's FISH!...
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How To Find Redfish & Trout (South Carolina Edition)

Struggling to find redfish & trout in South Carolina during the wintertime? John Menchyk (Fishful Thinking Fishing on YouTube) put a few...
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When You See THIS, Throw Away The Plan! [Insider Report]

I had a game plan all mapped out to fish a brand new area. But, once I launched my kayak something caught my eye. Sometimes,...
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Positioning And Finding Fish In High Winds With Insider JJ McCray

It was windy, foggy, and a tad nasty outside. But, it was also a warming trend. So, I hit the water with Insider Member JJ...
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Pre-Frontal Fishing Tactics [Last Day Of A Warming Trend]

Before the next cold snap, prepare yourself using these pre-frontal fishing tactics! This winter has been full of surprises. Cold then hot...
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Pre-Frontal Fishing With Insider Members [Tactics, Lures, & More!]

It was a brisk winter morning – BUT we were on a warming trend. It was the LAST day of a warming trend right before...
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Epic Redfish Double-Up Even With Airboats Buzzing The Flat!

An Insider Member and I got into an EPIC Redfish Double-Up even with airboats buzzing the flat! Typically, that would be a quick and easy...
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