Kayak Fishing

40 Boats VS. 1 Kayak Fisherman (Shocking Fishing Tournament Results!)

Can you believe these shocking fishing tournament results?!?! Our very own Fishing Coach Matt Lanier won a fishing tournament last week...
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The Ultimate Popping Cork Setup

What makes up the ultimate popping cork setup? What sort of tackle and gear do you need to assemble the ideal popping cork outfit? If you...
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Topwater Tournament Tactics [How I Was Able To Win]

Next time you're preparing for a tournament, remember these topwater tournament tactics! Last week, I won the first tournament I ever...
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Targeting Trout & Redfish Using Popular Bass Fishing Methods [Fishing Report]

Last week, I tried my hand at targeting trout & redfish using popular bass fishing methods! I found myself fishing in conditions I had not...
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Trolling For Spanish Mackerel From A Kayak [Fishing Report]

Last week I struggled to get a bite in the midst of a Spanish Mackerel frenzy, so I decided to start trolling and see what would strike...
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Kayak Tow Fishing Trip Through Ozello Backwaters [Fishing Report]

Last week, I went on a Kayak Tow Fishing Trip to Ozello, FL with Insider Member Darin OBrien. Never had I ever been towed out to fishing...
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How To Set Up Your Kayak For Inshore Fishing (Tackle, Tools, & More)

Want to see everything you need for inshore kayak fishing? Check out this video to learn what you need, and what you don't...
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How To Sight Fish Big Trout From A Kayak Or Paddleboard

Want to catch more fish while sight fishing? Check out this video and see these three tips for sight fishing trout, redfish, and snook.
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Negative Tide Holes: Where & What To Look For

We fished some negative tide holes to see if we could find redfish or trout poking around for a meal!! On this trip, coach Matt Lanier...
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Winter Creek Fishing In Big Bend [Fishing Report]

During the winter, you can find big fish holding in creeks and backwaters looking for warmer water. Winter creek fishing...
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How To Fish With Live Shrimp From A Kayak

What are the best ways to fish with live shrimp from a kayak? Check out these awesome tips for live shrimp kayak fishing...
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Best Ways To Travel Long Distance With a Kayak

How do you travel to go fishing with your kayak? Check this out for the best long distance kayak travel tips...
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How To Get In & Out Of Your Fishing Kayak In Shallow Water

If you have to get out of your kayak in shallow water for any reason, how should you get back into your kayak? The best approach is...
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Top 5 Essential Tools & Gear For Successful Kayak Fishing

What are the must-have essential pieces of gear for a kayak angler? If you are fishing off of a kayak, the top 5 tools you need are...
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Use This Simple Trick To Get A Fish Out Of Structure

Have you ever been fighting a fish and they get the line snagged or wrapped up in structure? The best thing to do to get them out is...
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