What You Need To Reel In The Catch Of A Lifetime From Kayak or Boat

On a trip not too long ago, a buddy of mine was able to reel in the catch of a LIFETIME from his kayak!

We targeted deep water just off the beach and found an insane bite.

This was an amazing trip, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise so check out the video for the miraculous catch!!

Reel In The Catch Of A Lifetime [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

Sabiki Rig Setup

X-Rap Setup

Live Bait Setup

  • Rods Used: Shimano Tallus PX
  • Reels Used: Daiwa BG MQ 6000
  • Bait: Live Threadfin w/ Sea Striker Kingfish Rig

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Once we made it out a bit off the beach, the first thing we looked for was any bait in the area.

We dropped down a few sabiki rigs to try and catch a few cigar minnows.

There was a TON of bait below us but most of it was pinfish.

A short time after, we started our troll in about 45-50 feet of water.

I let the live bait out about 50 yards behind us to start.

We didn’t get any cigar minnows but we did catch plenty of whitebait so we figured we’d give those a try.

After that rig was out, I got another line in the water behind me with the Rapala X-Rap tied on.

It is a good idea to get your furthest rig out first before setting another line in the water closer to your vessel.

Our main target was to hopefully hook into some kingfish.

Usually, when the bait is in large pods like this, there are likely kingfish chasing after them.

Later on, the X-Rap got snatched up and the drag started screaming!

It turned out to be a really solid bonito that I got on ice real quick.

My plan for this fish was to use it for bait to target red snapper on future trips.

Bonito strips make excellent bait for bottom fishing.

Not too long after landing that bonito, I look over at my buddy’s kayak and one of his rods is down!

A sailfish took his bait and jumped out of the water!!!

I took my lines out of the water to give him as much room as he needed to land this fish.

Once we snapped a few pics and calmed down a bit, we gave this fish an excellent release.

We walked it along the shoreline letting water run through its gills until it told us it was ready to take off.

After that, I was eager to get a line back out in the water after seeing that sailfish.

I got the line with my live bait out behind me and before I could even reach for the X-Rap setup, fish on!

I tied up a new rig hoping another big fish would take my bait.

The X-Rap went off again!

It ended up being another bonito.

It was time to pack it in and head back to the beach after that.

How We Were Able To Find This Spot

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Stewart Headrick
6 months ago

A nice day.

jamison scott
6 months ago

Brother…. when I saw you go through the struggle of the white fluffy sand, I felt that in my soul lol…. what kind of cart do you have? I was using the ctugz sandtrakz and only loaded about 140lbs on it and got murdered in the fluffy NW Florida sand. Looking into going the balloon tire route IE wilderness systems cart. Any suggestions?

Fred Noble
7 months ago

I was very disappointed in what you were doing when you lost the fish. I have been light tackle tournament fishing for years and the first thing I was taught was never adjust the drag while fighting a fish. But before you start fishing your drag should be set to not more than 1/3 of your line weight using a scale attached to your line. Next, I would recommend a far stronger knot than what you were using to attach your leader to your line. I would recommend a Bimini twist on my fishing line. That will double up the line at the knot giving you 40 lb. line at the point where you attach your leader to your fishing line if you are spooled with 20lb. test line. I would then attach my line to the leader using an Albright special. This may sound old school, but it works. That is what we did when fishing the metropolitan fishing tournament in Maimi. I have many winning fish as a result. Finally, when fighting a big fish, you should run after the fish in your boat. As the fish pulls line off you spool, the drag will add pressure on its own. But when into the fight, learn to apply pressure to the fish by palming the spool. Never touch the drag once it is set properly.

7 months ago

Boats again how bout something without boats meaning fish from shore


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