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Pro Tactics For Hunting Trophy Redfish, Trout, & Snook

If you want to catch a BIG trout, snook, or redfish, you'll want to listen in to this (and take notes)! Capt. Peter Deeks is revealing the...
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The Daiwa Eliminator Spinning Reel Review (Pros, Cons, & Features)

If you're on the market for a new spinning reel at an affordable price, the Daiwa Eliminator series of spinning reels may be the perfect...
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This Is How To Catch Trout At The Jetty (Using The Power Prawn)

Do you want to start using the best shrimp lure out there? The Power Prawn can be extremely effective when fishing off a jetty for big...
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3 Must Have Hooks For Inshore Fishing (Rigging For Artificial Lures)

Are you using the 3 must-have hooks for inshore fishing? If you are using mostly artificial lures, you know that your hook is just as...
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How To Match Soft Plastic Lures To Hooks (Based On Water Depth)

How do you know when to use what lure? Or what weight of a jighead? It has a lot to do with the depth of the water and...
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Why Your Spinning Rod Should Always Cost More Than Your Reel

Some anglers may think that the spinning reel does all of the work. But this is simply not true! Listen in as we explain exactly WHY your...
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This Is How To Rig The Top 3 Z-Man Lures For Redfish

Do you enjoy using Z-man soft plastic lures to catch big redfish? The best ways to rig the top 3 Z-man lures are...
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How To Scout For Bull Redfish On The Flats (New Exploration Trip)

Trying a new fishing spot can be tricky and challenging. The real key to testing new waters is to cover ground and use a variety of...
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The Truth About Fishing Tackle Shipping Costs (Behind The Scenes)

Have you wondered why some shipping costs are so low (or high) while some online shops can offer free shipping?
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The New Daiwa Saltist MQ Reel Review (Pros & Cons)

Have you heard about the new Daiwa Saltist MQ reel? It's super durable and will stand up to the harshest conditions but if you don't have...
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Quick Trick To Catch More Snook Using Paddletails

Have you had trouble catching fish with a paddletail and cannot figure out why? There is one quick and easy trick that you might want to...
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3 Ways To Rig Live Mullet For The Best Presentation

Do you want to catch huge fish on live mullet? There are many ways to rig live mullet but if you don't put the hook exactly in this...
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Should You Use Braid Ready Spools Or Put On A Mono Backing?

What is the best type of spool for braided line? Braid-ready spools offer a seal that helps you tie braid directly to the spool but if you...
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The Slam Shady Bomber Paddletail Lure Mini-Course

This BOMBER lure mini-course will help you catch a ton of great fish with this great lure (rigging, retrieving, settting hook, casting, etc.)
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This Is The Best Artificial Lure Color For Clear Water

How do you know what a fish sees when they look up at your lure? Based on conditions, choosing the right lure color comes down to...
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