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Catching Summer Black Drum on Artificials: Critical Keys to Success

Coach Matt found BIG shallow-water black drum on a recent trip. If he was going to have success, it was going to be on artificial lures.
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#1 Topwater Lure For Calm & Clear Summer Days

If you don't already, you've got to get your hands on the #1 topwater lure for summertime fishing - the Moonwalker SBD...
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Can a Sharpie Really Prevent Hook Rust? [Experiment Results]

You may have seen a hook rust prevention hack that involves using a Sharpie or similar permanent marker. Coach Pat put it to the test!
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Gulp! vs Z-Man [Scented Jerk Shad Lure Experiment]

Gulp! vs Z-Man – which jerk shad catches more fish? Both lures used in this experiment are in the Pearl color and the video below...
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The Do’s & Don’ts When Fishing Wake Baits In Summer

If you get your timing right, Wake Baits are one of the BEST redfish lures out there. These lures are NOT one-size-fits-all. You have to...
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Quick Tips To Spark Topwater Bites On Calm, Clear Mornings!

My trusted First Mate Otis joined me on a quick morning trip before Church last Sunday! The goal was to reel in a slam in...
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Underwater Test: Loop Knots vs Speed Clips with Topwater Lures

Loop Knots vs Speed Clips with topwater lures - is there any difference? In a recent video, I tested loop knots vs snap swivels with...
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The Irresistible Lure Summer Flounder Can’t Pass Up

With an easy hack on one our most popular baits, you can be catching summer flounder and enjoying more tight lines with this tasty fish!
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ONE Lure Change Saved The Trip! [Father’s Day Inshore Slam]

I hit the water with my Dad for Father's Day - before I knew what was happening he already had an inshore slam in the boat! We were down...
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Changing Lures Based On Conditions [Case Study]

It had been over 10 YEARS since Retired BASS Elite Angler Jesse Tacoronte caught a redfish. He and I hit the water to change that!...
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7 Best Saltwater Fishing Lures We’ve Proven on the Water

Would you like to know the best saltwater fishing lures you need to catch fish pretty much anywhere in the world? We've got you covered!
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Casting Contest: Baitcasting vs Spinning Reels (Using Light Lures!)

When casting light lures, what wins: Baitcasting vs Spinning Reels? I set out to test a theory of mine - baitcasting reels have caught up...
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How Redfish Respond To Different Lure Presentations [Drone Analysis]

Don’t miss this EPIC drone footage that reveals how redfish respond to different lures! I had the drone flying above with different lure presentations on...
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NEW Lure Color Now In The Shop!!! [Crystal Lure Color]

We are THRILLED to announce the release of a BRAND NEW lure color! It's called CRYSTAL. Take a closer look in the video...
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Quick Hack When Fishing With Weedless Rigs

Here's a quick hack when fishing with weedless rigs!It will help keep your soft plastic lures from sliding down weighted rigging hooks...
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