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How Speckled Trout See Lure Colors [Human vs. Trout Vision]

This video might completely change how you feel about lure colors. Specifically, color selection when targeting speckled seatrout...
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High Tide Tactics For Early Spring [Member Makeover]

It was a beautiful morning as I launched the kayak ready to tackle the incoming high tide out on the water. The second we launched...
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The Popping Cork Challenge

Find out how a popping cork does against a normal paddletail lure (Slam Shady 2.0) on a windy day. We went head to head to see which setup...
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Do Popping Corks Really Get More Strikes? [Corks VS. Jigheads]

Do popping corks get more strikes? I hit the water to find out. With the same lure, will a popping cork get more strikes than a jighead?...
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Easiest Ways To Catch Saltwater Fish With Lures [Case Study]

Are you struggling to catch saltwater fishing with lures? You're not alone. It can be challenging to switch to solely relying on lures...
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#1 Rig For Beginner Anglers New To Saltwater Fishing

Are you a beginner to saltwater fishing? Or want to introduce someone else to the world of fishing? If so, I'll show you the #1 rig for...
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Drifting Nearshore Reefs On A Wavy Morning [Member Makeover]

I hit the water super early with Insider Member George Layton and our Editor Jake Ross. Jake is a wade-based angler who doesn’t do much...
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Inshore Saltwater Showdown: Popping Corks VS. Weighted Hooks

Popping Corks VS. Weighted Hooks – what’s going to catch more fish? We designed our very own Popping Cork, Dr. Popper, so we had to...
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Popping Corks VS. Weighted Hooks: What Will Get More Bites?

Popping Corks VS. Weighted Hooks - what's going to catch more fish? We designed our very own Popping Cork, Dr. Popper, so we had to...
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When Should You Use The Tweaker Over The 2.0? [Side-By-Side Test]

Over my last few trips, I’ve been conducting side-by-side comparison tests with the 2.0 and the Tweaker. I wanted to know if one lure performed...
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Fishing Line Leader Fail [Common Mistake That Loses Fish]

Don’t make this common mistake that loses fish! I unfortunately lost a possible trophy fish because of it. Worst of all – it is 100%...
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From The Beach To The Bay [Wade Fishing With Wader Dave]

I joined up with Wader Dave to do something a little different! We started off fishing out on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico...
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Innovative Tool To Effortlessly Add Rattles To Your Lures

Want to effortlessly add rattles to your lures? Sometimes you need that little bit of extra sound to spark a bite. I sure needed it on...
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5 Beginner Inshore Fishing Myths Debunked

Here’s 5 of the most common inshore fishing myths DEBUNKED! Are you just starting your inshore saltwater fishing journey? There’s a lot of inaccurate information...
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Mono vs. Fluoro [We Finally Settled The Debate!]

Can this ONE video change the leader line you buy for the rest of your life?! We love testing things to see what’s true and...
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