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You’re Missing Fish Because Of These 2 Things…

You're missing fish because of this...Anglers repeatedly forget to take these TWO things into account on each fishing trip...
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10 Gift Ideas For The Angler In Your Life

Here are 10 fishermen gift ideas for the angler in your life!!! These aren't just random gifts sponsored by some company....
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How To Find Textbook Fishing Zones In The Fall [Fishing Report]

This trip provides example after example of what textbook fall fishing zones look like. I was able to reel in an inshore slam just by...
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How To Catch Bull Redfish In Louisiana [Tips, Mistakes, & More]

What are the secret ways to catch big BULL redfish in Louisiana?? We're out with Capt. Hollywood on this trip looking for BAIT SLICKS...
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First Day Trying Out Our NEW Lure [Fishing Report]

Here's some action from the first day of trying a new lure! The NEW Salt Strong Mulligan is coming SOON!! Check it out in...
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Daiwa Procyon MQ Review (Most Affordable MQ Series Reel)

I'm back in the Salt Strong Reel Room to talk in-depth and discuss the Daiwa Procyon MQ Review! Daiwa recently unveiled this reel at iCast...
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When It Is OK To Leave Fish To Go Find Actively Feeding Fish [Insider Report]

On a recent trip, I ran into a dilemma. I quickly found some fish right near the launch point but was having issues with getting...
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How To Prevent Jigheads From Damaging Artificial Lures

Here are a few quick ways to prevent jigheads from damaging lures!! The intrusive barbs of some jighead styles interfere with the head...
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Post-Cold Front Fishing In New Waters [Fishing Report]

Post-Cold Front fishing, especially in new waters, is the perfect recipe for exploration! Immediately after a cold front, fish are in...
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Fishing Bridges With Artificial Lures For Black Drum [Insider Report]

You may notice a bit of a trend here lately with original plans not exactly going as planned. Definitely, the name of the game when...
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#1 Way To Rig A Soft Plastic Lure On A Jighead

Without a doubt, this is the BEST way to rig a soft plastic lure on a jighead. Not only that, but this rigging method will save you time...
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Dock Fishing For Redfish, Grouper, & Snook (With New Weedless Shrimp Rig)

Luke and I head out dock fishing with our new Weedless Shrimp Rig!! We fished a row of docks on low tide to see what we could pull...
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How To Fish After A Hurricane (Including A Sneak Peak At A New Lure) [Insider Report]

It had been over a week since I was able to get on the water and do some fishing and I was getting antsy. Along...
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Common Mistakes When First Starting To Fish Artificial Lures

It's time to correct these beginner artificial lure mistakes!!! Whether you are first starting your fishing journey or you've been a...
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How To Effectively Fish In Marsh Creeks [Fishing Report]

Get rid of old habits and start to effectively fish marsh creeks!! This entire trip was centered around fishing creek systems during a...
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