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Do Lures With Chartreuse Tails Catch More Fish? [Lure Experiment]

I recently tried out a little experiment to see if lures with chartreuse tails catch MORE fish than those without. What do you think...
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It’s Topwater Time! (#1 Lure For Spring Topwater Action)

Spring is here and it's topwater time so here's the best lure for spring topwater action!! The weather is slowly heating up and fish are...
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Finding Fish In Warm Water After Crazy Low Tide Swing

Water levels were insane after a crazy low tide swing threw us for a loop a couple of weeks ago. But that often can be a great time to...
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Do-It-All Fishing Lure You Need For The Transition From Winter To Spring

Is there a do-it-all lure you need for the transition from winter to spring? Lately, I've been seeing lots of anglers in our Insider...
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How To Find Fish In A New Area (No Matter Where You Are)

I hadn't been back to Port Isabel, Texas in quite a while so it felt like I had to find fish in a new area all over again!!...
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The Pros & Cons Of Sharpening Your Fishing Hooks [Tutorial]

Are there any benefits or drawbacks to sharpening your fishing hooks at home?? In the video below, I'll show you exactly how to sharpen...
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Cashion Element Inshore VS. TFO Pro S Spinning Rod (What’s The Difference?)

In this week's Tackle Talk, we're comparing the Cashion Element Inshore VS. TFO Pro S Spinning Rod to find out which rod is the best fit...
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How To Plan A Successful Land-Based Fishing Trip [Mini-Course]

It’s Mini-Course time! In this course, we will cover a topic that we get a lot of requests for and that is land-based fishing. There...
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Paddletail Lure Casting Contest [What Size Casts The Farthest?]

In this Paddletail Lure Casting Contest - what size lure will cast the farthest??? I was interested to see if there was any difference in...
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Finding Feeding Fish In Panama City, Florida After Spring Rains

We're here finding feeding fish in Panama City, Florida after a storm passed through the day before! The water was a bit dark and stained...
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Chartreuse Tail Lure Experiment [Insider Report]

What color to use and when? That is a question that has been concerning anglers for as long as there have been artificial lures. In...
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How To Find, Stalk, & Sight Fish Schooling Redfish

Around this time of the year, fish can be either super aggressive or extremely PICKY. This tip focuses on how to sight fish redfish...
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New Casting Contest Results: PowerPro vs. J-Braid vs. Fins

I'm back with NEW Casting Contest Results!! This video is a continuation of our quest for the best of the best braided line for us...
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The Best Spring Lures & Colors To Target Redfish, Snook, Seatrout, & Flounder

This video is designed to help you narrow down your lure and lure color selection come springtime! If you hit the water with a TON of...
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Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel Review (Pros & Cons)

Should YOU buy a Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel? This video is NOT going to be a generic explanation of specs and reading off of the...
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