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Hacks To Customize The Colors Of Soft Plastic Lures

Here's a quick way to customize the colors of soft plastic lures!! Most jigheads have a colorful head design to attract strikes and...
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The Best Lure + Jighead Combo For Winter Redfish

This is hands down the best lure and jighead combo for winter redfish! I've been crushing fish using this rig already and you can do the...
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Using Your Surroundings To Find The Fish [Fishing Report]

It is SUPER important that you're using your surroundings to find the fish!!! Live bait automatically catches fish...right? Well...
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Introducing The New Hoss Helix Hook Sizes

We're proud to report that the two most requested new sizes for Hoss Helix Hooks are available to Insider Club members. In case you're...
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Crushing GIANT Bull Redfish On Popping Corks [Fishing Report]

It's THIS EASY to catch giant bull redfish on popping corks!! The redfish up in North Carolina are built differently this time of year...
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How To Fish Jetties For Sheepshead [Fishing Report]

Coach Richard Thomas, myself, and a fellow Insider Member hit the jetties for sheepshead in this one!! My favorite trips on the water...
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Back At Home Catching Inshore Slams [Fishing Report]

I'm back at home catching inshore slams!! I was back in my hometown fishing in an area that I haven't been in for over a year...
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Hacks For Transporting Your Fishing Rods Safely

Below are some hacks for transporting your fishing rods safely! These tricks will for sure help you avoid headaches and even save you some...
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Hotspot Locator Helped Me Find The Fish [Fishing Report]

Our Hotspot Locator helped me find the fish!!! I jumped at the chance to fish with a couple of Insider Members last week and we crushed it...
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I Pulled A Redfish Out Of The Grass With Our NEW Lure!

I caught a BEAUTIFUL redfish on our NEW lure! The Salt Strong Mulligan is coming SO soon!!! We can't wait for you all to start crushing...
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How To Catch Slams In The North Indian River Right Now [Insider Report]

I finally made it back to my home waters on the East Central Florida coast and got to do some fishing. It has been over...
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This Is The RIGHT Way To Cast A Popping Cork

Here's the RIGHT way to cast a popping cork without getting tangled!!! There are so many ways for the system to wrap itself or get...
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Fishing Before The First Big Frost Of The Year [Fishing Report]

If you're fishing before the first frost of the year, what should you prepare for? Before cold fronts, our goal is to get out of the wind...
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Where To Sight Fish For Redfish In The Winter

Here's where to sight fish for redfish in the winter! I finally got to fish in an area that I've been wanting to fish for a long time...
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Fishing In A Paradise [Insider Report]

In this report, I had the chance to fish an area that I have wanted to for a long time. It is an absolute paradise...
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