Florida Panhandle Territory Reports

Pre-Frontal Fishing Tactics [Last Day Of A Warming Trend]

Before the next cold snap, prepare yourself using these pre-frontal fishing tactics! This winter has been full of surprises. Cold then hot...
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Pre-Frontal Fishing With Insider Members [Tactics, Lures, & More!]

It was a brisk winter morning – BUT we were on a warming trend. It was the LAST day of a warming trend right before...
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Epic Redfish Double-Up Even With Airboats Buzzing The Flat!

An Insider Member and I got into an EPIC Redfish Double-Up even with airboats buzzing the flat! Typically, that would be a quick and easy...
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Do Cold Wintertime Temperatures Impact The Bite? [Topwater VS. Twitchbaits]

Topwater vs. Twitchbait. Insider Member Greg Brown and I conducted a little experiment on our last trip out together....
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Topwater VS. Twitchbait: Will Cooler Temperatures Affect The Bite?

Insider Member Greg Brown and I conducted a little experiment on our last trip out together. Topwater vs. Twitchbait. What will catch more fish and...
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Small Bait Catches Big Fish In New Waters With Insider Member [Insider Report]

I recently caught up with an Insider Member in an area that I’m not used to fishing. All we knew was this area was tough,...
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How To Find Fish After A Cold Front Sweeps Through

It can be tough to find fish after a cold front sweeps through your area. The good news is, it can be done!! You've just got to work...
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Member Makeover: Tournament Tactics With Garrett Boykin

Tournament fishing is nothing like your normal Saturday afternoon of fishing. The pressure is ON. Practice, tactics, and so much goes into preparing for the...
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Member Makeover: Tournament Victories With Pam Wirth

If you fish in tournaments, then you know how tough it is to win. You’ve got to scout and practice in the days leading up...
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Finding Post-Cold Front Hotspots On The Flats [Insider Report]

Finding fish after cold-fronts isn’t always easy. Cooler temperatures interrupt current feeding patterns so you’ve got to shake things up to find the bites. I...
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What To Look For When Flats Fishing At Low Tide

What should you be on the hunt for while flats fishing at low tide? Low tide creates excellent opportunities for catching...
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Member Makeover: Catching Inshore Slams With Davis Dodson

It’s much better to have planned your fishing trips than to not plan anything at all. But sometimes, those plans don’t always pan out as...
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Expert Power Fishing Tactics To Catch Inshore Slams In Late Fall

The key to finding the bite in late fall: POWER FISHING. Don’t stay in one spot for too long. Buzzing baits down shorelines looking...
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Power Fishing Shallow Bays & Creeks In Late Fall

One of the BEST ways to get on a bite in late fall is by Power Fishing shallow bays and creeks. Buzzing baits down shorelines...
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Beating The Odds Using New Lures To Find Feeding Fish

Faced with poor conditions, I dug deep to beat the odds using new lures to find feeding fish! A full moon the night before and low tide...
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