Nearshore Fishing Tips

Surprising Results From Live Pinfish VS. Shrimp Lures Experiment!

If you had the choice, would you prefer – Shrimp lures or Live Pinfish? The truth is, the fish will tell you what they want....
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Shrimp Lures VS. Live Pinfish: Shocking Results!

Shrimp lures VS. Live Pinfish - who wins??? We definitely weren't expecting this. Check out the full trip report below!!...
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Pink Vs. Natural Color Experiment Using Power Prawns

This videos shows a drag screaming lure color test which sheds light on the pink vs. natural color options for power prawns.
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Hunting Nearshore Giants On Artificial Reefs With Live Bait

I can't stop hunting nearshore GIANTS!! What can I say - I've got snapper fever! In today's video, I'll show you exactly what our strategy...
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This Strategy & Lure Has Been Extremely Productive In Hot Weather

This summer has been a hot one in terms of temperatures as well as in fish catching. In fact, the past 4 to 5 weeks...
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Snell Up For Success: How To Tie The Double-Snell Rig

I caught more fish and the biggest fish of the trip using the Double-Snell Rig. I'll show you how to tie this rig for yourself below...
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Nearshore Summer Snapper with Capt. Peter Deeks [Mini-Course]

It's Mini-Course time! We're joined by Capt. Peter Deeks and Capt. Bobby to cover a subject that is often overlooked...
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Setting Personal Records Crushing Monster Mangroves On Nearshore Reefs

Lately, I've been crushing monster mangroves on nearshore reefs!! This is a trip I'll never forget. Catch all the action below!!
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The Recipe For Success When Fishing Nearshore Reefs

Is there a RECIPE for success when fishing nearshore reefs?? I haven't really focused much on nearshore fishing in the past until this year...
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Epic Nearshore Reef Super Slam! [Nearshore Reef Tips & Tricks]

Last week I went out and caught an EPIC nearshore reef super slam! I was joined by Justin Ritchey on this trip and we caught nearly...
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What A Cool Nearshore Slam! [Cobia, Snook, Permit, & Flounder]

This nearshore slam report is from an awesome nearly trip I had while testing out some prototype rod. Watch this report from great tips...
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What You Need To Reel In The Catch Of A Lifetime From Kayak or Boat

On a trip not too long ago, a buddy of mine was able to reel in the catch of a LIFETIME from his kayak! We targeted deep water just off...
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My First Nearshore Reef Trip Of The Summer [Cobia & Surprise Snook]

With the calm winds, I decided to head out to a nearshore reef to bounce shrimp jigs along the bottom... what a fun trip!
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Fishing Nearshore Reefs The EASY Way

We've got the tools to help you fish nearshore reefs the EASY way!!! Although we do a lot of inshore saltwater fishing, summertime...
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Finding Artificial Reefs Close To Shore [Spot Dissection Lesson]

Hey Insiders, it’s Spot Dissection time! Spot dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from...
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