Pink Vs. Natural Color Experiment Using Power Prawns

Wow!!! I had one of the most exciting nearshore bite of my life during this quick trip out to a nearshore reef in search of cobia and snook.

I had heard about pink being a good color offshore, so I decided to test it out against the Natural color by switching colors every cast.

And I was shocked at how the big fish seemed to prefer the FRED as you’ll see in this video full of drag-screaming fun:

Pink vs. Natural Color Test

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F.R.E.D. Setup:

Natural Setup:

In case you’re interested in getting a new setup for this type of fishing, here are the nearshore reef combos that I have personally used and highly recommend:





This has been yet another trip proving that nearshore reef fishing does not require the use of live bait to catch quality fish.

These Power Prawn jigs have been extremely fun to fish with out there, and it sure is nice to not have to bother catching or buying bait before heading out.

The key has been to remain stealthy on the reef and fish it just like an inshore spot.

If you need help finding reefs to try out, make sure to use Smart Fishing Spots Platform because its reef layer has thousands of reefs loaded into it.

Thanks so much for your time in reading this report.

Please use the Comments feature below if you have any questions… I always enjoy hearing from you.

Tight Lines!

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charles phillippi
1 month ago

Going this weekend as son has a bachelor party this Sunday. Going to use USA PP original as I don’t get offshore too often. Hopefully Hubbard’s will put us on so I can try out. Ordering the FRED PP now.

charles phillippi
1 month ago

cont. Private boat party…hope to get PB

Greg McVeigh
3 months ago

Awesome video Luke. FRED is the man!

Brian Smedley
3 months ago

Hey Luke, are you just getting to the general area and then fishing or are you constantly checking the bottom machine to see if you’re on top of structure or the reef?

Thomas J Utley
3 months ago

Awesome video Luke and it appears that the Fred color prawn is definitely a fish catching lure out there in those near shore reefs … The Red fish and Snook were definitely studs too … Again great fish and great video…. !

Greg_Cindy Batchelor
3 months ago

Awesome, Luke!

Jeff Snowden
3 months ago

Loved the near shore video. Can’t wait to see some more.

Alex Anderbery
3 months ago

Loving these nearshore reef videos! These are some very large fish you are bringing up

Eugene Tauber
3 months ago

I do enjoy these videos but the info I want is -1. depth you are fishing in- 2. time of day 3. tides-incoming outgoing -4. wind. The videos are very well done but I want to learn not drool over someone else catching fish

Richard Hall
3 months ago

Very nice bites!!! Thanks Luke

3 months ago

Great post Luke!! Looks like a great day on the water. Thanks for sharing.


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