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Seasick Prevention Product Test [Is This The Cure?]

Is THIS the answer to seasick prevention??? Getting seasick is the worst feeling and it could put a quick end to a once-promising fishing...
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Easiest Ways To Catch Saltwater Fish With Lures [Case Study]

Are you struggling to catch saltwater fishing with lures? You're not alone. It can be challenging to switch to solely relying on lures...
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From The Beach To The Bay [Wade Fishing With Wader Dave]

I joined up with Wader Dave to do something a little different! We started off fishing out on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico...
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Quick Tactics To Catch Tons Of Fish On Lures (When Tides Are Off)

Insider Member Jason Blanton was struggling to get results with lures in his home waters, so I had him join me on a quick morning...
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Steps To Take An Average Day To An EPIC Fishing Trip

ONE small detail can mean the difference between an average day and an EPIC day out on the water. Typically, the Member Makeover Series is...
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Found A Hidden Lake Full Of Fish [And Crazy Pelican]

I found a HIDDEN LAKE full of fish! The paddleboard hadn't been out in a while and this was the perfect chance to put it back in action...
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60 Minutes To Fish: Can I Get A Wade Fishing Slam?

With just 60 minutes to fish, could I reel in a wade fishing slam? Armed with one rod and a few lures, I set out to get some bites at a...
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This Lure Retrieve Change Saved The Day

This report shows a good example of how important the lure retrieve can be in generating strikes when the fish aren’t actively feeding. On this...
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Fishing After Cold Fronts In High Wind Conditions [Case Study]

This report is a great case study for how to catch some good fish right after a strong cold front pushes through. These high wind...
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Wade Fishing Slam In Just 60 Minutes [Insider Report]

This report shows how productive wade fishing can be as long as good spots are selected to fish... quick trip with great action.
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This Leader Assembly Trick Is Working Great In Clear Water

This new fishing report shows how effective a leader assembly can be when the fish are holding in calm, clear water. I was fishing with...
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Surprising Results From Live Pinfish VS. Shrimp Lures Experiment!

If you had the choice, would you prefer – Shrimp lures or Live Pinfish? The truth is, the fish will tell you what they want....
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Shrimp Lures VS. Live Pinfish: Shocking Results!

Shrimp lures VS. Live Pinfish - who wins??? We definitely weren't expecting this. Check out the full trip report below!!...
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Topwater Strikes On Demand [Insider Report Lesson]

It’s topwater time!!!! October is my favorite month of all because redfish schools are pushing inshore while there are also plenty of snook and trout...
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Fishing Mangroves For Snook & Redfish Using Top Fall Lures

I hit the water with THE George Layton targeting mangroves for snook and redfish using top fall lures! If you've been active in the...
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